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Dirt Bike Articles

Turner Performance Products Launch New Dirt Bike Wheels

Turner Performance Products has added dirt bike wheels to their product line giving riders of all skill levels a premium wheel at a fraction of the cost. Turner already boasts a healthy channel of dirt bike products including foot pegs, hardware...

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Forest Fires: One of the Primary Causes of OHV Closures

Don't be that rider. The one who starts a forest fire. A recent study detailed on Smithsonian.com indicates human activity whether intentional or unintentional resulted in 84 percent of forest fires. Between 1992 and 2012, humans caused more t...

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2019 High Point Motocross Photo Gallery

Eli Tomac fought off some serious competition on Saturday for Round 4 of the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series at High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, PA and grabbed the overall without winning a Moto. Tomac had won at least a Moto in ...

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Motocross Fantasy Report - Thunder Valley to High Point

Each race week, we recap the previous weekend's fantasy highlights, provide top-secret fantasy training tips and make "expert" predictions for the coming race. Weekly Tip: Tweet, Tweet. At first glance, social media seems most useful as a pl...

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Overheating Symptoms: Body Overheating While Riding a Dirt Bike

Sometimes we think, "just a little bit longer." But the effects of heat stroke don't wait for the end of a Moto and when the symptoms of overheating begin, you have little time to reverse course. Like thirst, often when riding dirt bikes we do...

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Best Motocross Tracks

Don't let the pros have all the fun. If you enjoy racing or simply spinning laps on your local Motocross track you just might get the itch - if you don't have it already - to venture forth and set a dirt bike boot on all the great spots around t...

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Best Off-Road Trails for Dirt Bike and ATV Riding

All of us have a bucket list. For some, that list includes a broad spectrum of items to cross off, while for others, fully experiencing a personal hobby which often means leaving the confines of home and taking whatever helps define you into bra...

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Motocross Riding Tips with Gary Semics: What Gear Should I Be In When...?

You would think that this is a beginner question, and it usually is an entry level question. If you're above the beginner level, you would think you'd know what gear to be in at all times. But in reality, I have witnessed many riders making the ...

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2019 Thunder Valley Motocross Photo Gallery

Ken Roczen grabbed his second overall of the year taking the Red Plate back from Eli Tomac who finished second overall on Saturday for Round 3 of the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series at Thunder Valley in Lakewood, CO. Roczen (1-2...

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Motocross Fantasy Report - Fox Raceway to Thunder Valley

Round 2 - Fox Raceway - MotoSport.com Pro Series MotoSport.com Pro Series Points Standings Top Rider Scores 450 Class - Round 2 - Fox Raceway The great northwest hope, Justin Hill, finally came through for his team owners ...

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