held the 6th annual 125 Dream Race in August at Washougal Motocross Park in Washougal, WA and not all went as planned for every rider though the fun never stopped.

Of course, we could only crown one race winner but that doesn't mean everyone left that day without something. To honor the love of 2 strokes and the all-out fun 125s bring to the track, MotoSport put together four prize packages for the best (or maybe not so best) stories of the day as part of our "Boulevard of Broken Dreams."

The Dream Race is about racing and for the rider who crosses first it's certainly about winning. But for those of us who have ever thrown a leg of a 125 we know what a blast these little machines offer on the track, trails or wherever we ride. What got us riding in the first place? The love of riding and the fun it brings! And we want to keep it that way.

Our prize packages certainly made these four riders' day a bit better and helps get them back onboard their machines for another day and perhaps back next year to mix it up with others who prefer ripping a 125 over anything else.

Kari Hutchens, 16, 2006 Yamaha 125

Kari walked away with a broken arm after a get-off in the race so hopefully we helped salvage the day by awarding her the "Control" package which included Pro Taper bars, grips, clutch lever, foot pegs, shift lever and brake pedal. Here's what she said about her time at the 2017 Dream Race:

"I had heard about the 125 Dream Race from friends in the past and have wanted to race it for a while, this year was my first chance to participate due to injuries in the past two years. As far as how my weekend went, it started out amazing. I was feeling great during and after practice. I had also gotten a great start in my Dream Race qualifying Moto. I was running in 7th position when I was taken out from behind.

"While attempting to get up and get back into the race, I had my arm run over by two bikes and snapped my ulna. Needless to say, I didn't get to finish my race. I enjoy local series very much and I hope to make it back to the Dream Race again next year and hopefully make the podium in women's. Don't worry, I'll be back to racing against the boys soon!"

Kari Hutchens ready to ride the Dream race

Evan Nystrom, 24, 2005 RM125

Evan battled bad starts and didn't post the results he wanted but he got the "Grip" package which featured Warp 9 wheels and a Goldentyre front/rear wheel tire combo. Here's what Evan said:

"I grew up with 2-strokes and to have an event that not only is dedicated to the racing of them again but also things like the show and shine where you get to bring a 2004 machine back to life. My day went pretty good came out of the heat straight to the main where I battled with bad starts. I always have a blast on the 125. As a competitor I'll always want better till I win but I am happy with how I rode and felt for the main."

Cameron Mansker, 15, 1998 KX125

Cameron was looking for a podium but didn't get on the box. It didn't matter though, he had fun and went home with the "Cosmetic" package which gave him a complete plastic kit and handguards from Acerbis along with MotoSport's custom graphics kit. Cameron said this about his time at the Dream Race:

"I have a riding buddy/trainer who was supposed to attend the Dream Race with me. It was all his idea, then he was a no-show! I didn't ride well enough to make the podium, but I ended up with an awesome prize, no complaints there. I had a great time, and my results were awesome considering I tailed in some excellent riders who went home empty handed."

Cameron Mansker ridin' the Dream

Bryan O'Neil, 22, 1992 KX500 and 2016 KTM 250SX

Bryan suffered a mechanical breakdown during the 500cc class race but he got onboard his 250 and though he didn't podium still considered it a successful day. Appropriately he went home with the "Power" package which included a Wrench Rabbit complete engine rebuild kit and an FMF pipe and silencer combo. Here's what Bryan said about the Dream Race:

"Two-strokes remind me of when I was younger, it's a lot more of a D.I.Y. Spirit on what you can easily do to work on or modify a bike to race. I'm typically known as a 250 2 stroke rider. 4-strokes have brought a serious demise to amateur racing with exponential costs. I was hoping to win the 500cc title, the real man's class but kapoof (shattered piston) went the Kawasaki. My 250 class showing wasn't what I expected either but I kept the rubber side down all weekend so I claim success."

Bryan O'Neil brought a KX500 but finished the day on a KTM 250SX

MotoSport thanks all the participants in this year's 125 Dream Race and hopes everyone and more returns next year to lay it all out on their 2-stroke 125s! Check out the video of the 2017 Dream Race here.