A pit bike for adults, a racing bike for kids.

A 110cc dirt bike looks kind of cute. Sitting next to its 250 or 450cc parent these little guys represent the kids of dirt bikes. Most people can ride them though not necessarily for racing as adult riders turn these machines into pit bikes or for just having a blast outside real competition. But for pre-teens to early teens the 110 represents the next step in the evolution of a future pro... or at least a lifelong love of the sport.

Seeing as riders of all ages tend to enjoy this smaller bore engine just how fast does a 110cc dirt bike go? Like with all bikes, that depends on a number of factors and because of its crossover appeal we must consider an additional factor when determining top speed.

What is a 110cc Dirt Bike?

The 110 refers to the size of the engine, or the cylinder bore, in terms of cubic centimeters which determines the amount of fuel and air mixture. More fuel and air impacts total power output which also affects speed. Thus, a 110cc dirt bike goes much faster than a 50cc bike and much slower than a 250 or 450.

The 110 continues the consistent gradual increase in power and speed that helps graduate younger riders, who jumped from 50cc to 80cc, to refine their skills on the bigger 110cc dirt bike without the overt abundance of power bigger bikes deliver. The moderate speed output of a 110 enables better control making it the next best step for navigating off-road terrain without overwhelming younger or novice riders.

Factors Influencing the Speed Capabilities of a 110

Don't expect an adult using a 110 as a pit bike to go as fast as a 12-year-old riding competitively. Therefore, since you may have found this article because your son or daughter wants a faster ride we will focus on the top speed for a youngster to help calm your nerves. (Hint: Fast but not that fast. OK, read below for the answer if you'd like but understand what affects the speed range.)

Rider experience of course plays a big part. Don't expect a full throttle role right away as your youngster gets up to speed. Pun intended. The additional weight of riding gear affects top speed far more than a larger bore bike and so will a heavier person. Remember, dirt bikes belong on the dirt so rough terrain plays a primary factor in reaching top speed since navigating obstacles and corners slows you way down. Fluffy loam grips the bike better, naturally slowing the bike, but a long straightaway on hard pack lends to much higher top speeds, as does pavement.

Therefore, in its element, i.e. on trails or a Motocross track, a 110 won't ever reach the effective top speed.

Finally, though owners of 250 and 450 bikes often (and sometimes right off the showroom floor) upgrade their rides with aftermarket parts that reduce weight and increase performance and power thereby affecting the top speed potential, most owners of 110s don't bother. With less options for aftermarket parts, most kids will grow out of the 110 and move up to a bigger bike by the time they master the stock output.

How Fast Is a 110cc Dirt Bike?

The top speed of a 110cc dirt bike is...

30 to 50 mph.

That's quite a range! Because we like to be thorough, the average sized adult probably won't get much faster than 30 mph on the bike but a lightweight little ripper who knows how to ride and can pin it to win it on straight hardpack (and especially pavement) likely hits the upper limit of 50 mph especially with some aftermarket modifications like a new exhaust and lighter handlebars.

If that speed makes you pause, remember the next phase in your young rider's growth requires a bigger bike and your child will unlikely reach that 50 mph top speed until he or she throws a leg over a 125/150 in a few years.

When combining many of the factors noted above, the overall top speed of a 110cc dirt bike probably settles in around 20 to 30 mph ensuring riders to manage the bike effectively and reducing the risk of accidents while offering a perfect balance between fast enough to make it a challenge but not too fast to ruin the enjoyment. An experienced young rider moving on from a smaller bike will find a 110 challenging enough to further their skills while the beginner, too big for a smaller bike, can effectively manage the bike without the intimidation coming from the power of a larger bike.

How Fast Do Dirt Bikes Go?