Spoke Skins Colored Spoke Covers offers the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to give your bike a custom personalized look.

Your choice from 13 different colors, each pack of Spoke Skins covers the spokes on your front and rear wheels for less than $30. Grab a set to add some personality to your ride or bring life to old, rusty spokes for much less than replacing the spokes entirely.

One of our best sellers, Spoke Covers clean easily and once on, stay on. Don't worry about losing them as you rip around the track or blaze through trails. Additionally, spoke covers offer a degree of protection by preventing mud from caking on your spokes which can slow you down. Spoke Covers have a non-visible slit so there's no need to unlace the wheels, just cut them to size and slip them on. If you choose, seal the seams by using a hot air gun.

Spoke Skins arrive longer then needed allowing you to cut an exact fit. Remember to measure twice and get the exact length before trimming. Check out the variety of colors available and see photos of how they look on different set-ups here.