The tool box is one of the most important accessories a rider brings to the track. It contains just about everything needed to keep riding. What doesn't fit goes in a bag or is self-contained.

Perhaps even more important than the tool box however is what you have in it.

A long time rider probably has several tool boxes and a catalogue of tools totaling thousands of dollars. Some you need regularly others maybe once a year or in a critical situation. If you're riding pro or climbing the amateur ranks there's really no end to the tool collection and every dollar earned buys something new.

But every rider starts somewhere. And even the veteran who rides for fun every weekend occasionally has an "oops" moment and forgets to take one tool that's just as important as fuel. You won't use every tool every time but some tools get used every single time you ride.

So what's in your tool box? Better yet, what should be in your tool box without excuse to address issues most likely to crop up? We asked a couple of riders at MotoSport the 10 most vital tools they'd never be caught without at the Motocross track. Think of it as the 10 tools you'd take on a deserted Motocross island. Their similar answers show exactly what should be in your dirt bike tool box.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Small and compact, the tire pressure gauge offers the first line of defense in preventing a flat, extending the tire's life and providing the best ride. Once you get to the track you'll figure out the conditions and match the tire pressure accordingly.

T Handle Set

The BikeMaster 1/4" Drive T-Handle set to be exact. Technically, there's more than one tool here but this set counts as one and without it, you'll prove those photoshopped images of bikes breaking apart in midair can happen. All nuts and bolts need tightening prior to lining up at the gates. A T handle set featuring 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm sockets gets the job done.

Allen Wrench Set

See T Handle Set

Bolt Kit

Bolts, nuts, washers and screws have a sneaky way of jumping ship, make that jumping dirt bike, and you might be able to finish a lap or even a race but to keep riding without everything in tact can be a recipe for disaster. It can also snowball and as you ride others decide to let loose. A bolt kit addresses every possible scenario when it comes to replacing a vital connection that's fallen off.


See the key to this game is utilizing one tool that functions as 50. Ok, maybe not 50 but grab a screwdriver that features several removable inserts with different heads and head sizes. Some say the screwdriver is the most abused tool in anyone's tool box and for good reason. Not only does it work as manufactured but its use as a multifunction tool could be an article in and of itself.


Even the strongest set of fingers can't match anywhere close to a pair of pliers. We like any of these pliers but whatever pair you prefer keep them in your tool box. The benefit of pliers which can be lost on some is, like the screwdriver, it's multifaceted personality. If we're only allowed 10 tools in our tool box then a pair of pliers takes the place of an entire set of open-ended wrenches, a crescent wrench and even an axle nut wrench.

Spoke Wrench

In a pinch you could use pliers to tighten/loosen spokes but you'll pay for it later. Spokes like nuts, bolts and screws should be routinely tightened prior to riding. A spoke wrench makes this job easier and won't ruin the spoke nipple. Don't leave home without one.

The most common and easily fixable issue any rider encounters on the track or trail is a flat tire. Without the right set of tools, a flat tire turns into a difficult predicament pretty quick. So much in fact, without the right tools you're not changing anything. Additionally, if you need to ride a different set of tires based on the conditions you'll also be ready to go as long as you brought tire changing tools. Therefore, the remaining required tools for your tool box consist of those designed for tire changes.

Tire Iron Set

The Motion Pro T-6 serves as a 2-for-1 with the tire spoon on one end and the axle nut hex wrench on the other. Grab the correct size for the bike you ride and keep that in your tool box.

Bead Buddy

The tire change is one of the most frustrating jobs on a dirt bike. You'll first wonder how you ever got the dang thing on, then you'll wonder how you got it off. Make your life and the tire change easier with a bead buddy. This goes hand-in-hand with your tire iron set.

Valve Stem Tool

The last item to make a tire change quick and easy is the valve stem tool. Removing the stem quickly releases air in the tire for prompt removal and some riders have their personal preference on having the stem core in or out when mounting and installing.

Now remember these suggested tools fit in the tool box and should be in every rider's tool box when they head out for the day. Obviously, the tire pressure gauge is worthless without a tire pump but for the most part the tools listed here should address most simple, everyday jobs a rider encounters during a day of riding.