Heath Harrison's Clash for Cash win streak all but ended at the drop of the gate when a crash sent him to the back of the field and he simply ran out of time to catch winner Johnny Moore in Round 8 of the 2015 MotoSport.com AX Tour on Saturday in Starkville, MS.

Harrison was undefeated in the Main event of the series and wrapped up the 2015 crown a few weeks ago but running the table seemed practically a given the way he'd been racing. He set the fastest lap of the day on Saturday and took center podium in the AX Pro race, another class he also wrapped up early as Champion since a number of his primary competitors left the AX Tour for the national stage of the AMSOIL Arenacross tour.

Johnny Moore, the defending Clash for Cash Champion, took advantage of the downed Harrison to grab his first win of the year in the Clash series. Harrison fought his way to a fourth-place finish. Moore joined the series late but immediately made an impact in the competition grabbing podiums from the start in all three Main classes. On Saturday, Moore won the AX Pro Lites class as well. Zachary Bishop-Burnett, another strong rider competing for podiums, took second in the AX Pro and Clash event.

Riders get a two-week break before the conclusion of the 2015 AX Tour. The Round for Macon, GA on Saturday was cancelled some time ago because of a scheduling conflict but organizers expect to visit that locale next year. Though Harrison locked up the championship titles for the Clash and AX Pro classes there's still plenty to race for in Round 9. Additionally, with the rules stating riders must compete in at least eight rounds for year-end point eligibility second- and third-place spots for all classes are up for grabs since most of the riders previously in contention left for Arenacross.

The Clash for Cash event brings the Top 10 riders from the AX Pro and AX Lites races to compete head-to-head in a 20-lap main event. Riders earn points in each class as well as the Clash for Cash, which offers the highest payout of all the races. The new AX Tour season is capitalizing on last year's record breaking turn-out as more than 30 riders entered for both the AX Pro and AX Pro Lites classes. Additionally, more than $175,000 in cash and contingencies is up for grabs this year.

The final round of the 2015 AX Tour is Feb. 7 at the Tunica Expo Center. Buy tickets online or at the box office, 3873 U.S. Highway 61 North in Tunica, MS.

AX Tour Round 8 Results

AX Pro Lites

  1. Johnny Moore
  2. Cody Williams
  3. Marcus Nilsen
  4. Martin Castelo
  5. Zachary Bishop-Burnett
  6. Taylor Holt
  7. Shane Cobb

AX Pro

  1. Heath Harrison
  2. Zachary Bishop-Burnett
  3. Martin Castelo
  4. Tyler Medaglia
  5. Cody Williams
  6. Johnny Moore
  7. Taylor Holt
  8. Marcus Nilsen
  9. Shane Cobb
  10. Jason Perry

Clash for Cash

  1. Johnny Moore
  2. Zachary Bishop-Burnett
  3. Tyler Medaglia
  4. Heath Harrison
  5. Cody Williams
  6. Martin Castelo
  7. Marcus Nilsen
  8. Shane Cobb
  9. Jason Perry
  10. Taylor Holt