Club Name: Mt. Scott Motorcycle Club

Year Founded: 1941

Who Founded: Roy and Frank Clay

Number of Members: 60

Home city: Portland, Oregon


Club Email:

Member dues: $35 Annually

1. How did Mt. Scott MC get started?

In 1941, Roy and Frank Clay started Mt. Scott Motorcycle Club. You could see Mt. Scott from Roy Clays' service station at 82nd and Johnson Creek Blvd. Brothers Roy and Frank wrapped tire chains on the handlebars of their motorcycles and went up on the hill. They could go anywhere with the chains, and a lot of trails were opened from 82nd to Gresham, as there were not many fences back then. Many others enjoyed riding the trails with Roy and Frank and Mt. Scott Motorcycle Club was born. Mt. Scott Motorcycle Club is the oldest dirt club in Oregon!

2. How has the club's focus changed over the years?

Originally the club was mostly guys riding in local areas of Mt. Scott, a sparsely populated mountain just east of the club house which originally was the gas station owned by Roy Clay. There was a complete trail system that included tracks and hill climbs. Later the club became more of a family organization and expanded to the Tillamook Forest and Mt. Hood National Forest. At Lee's Camp there was a standing order for anyone who could make it over a hill called Blitzenberger that they would receive a case of Blitz beer (local brewery). Back in the late 60s the club grew larger and many members became famous Desert Racers, Hill Climbers and TT Flat Trackers.

3. Where do you typically ride?

The big runs back then were the Devils Head Time Keepers Enduro and the TeePee Run held on the Indian Reservation near Pine Grove, Oregon, until the 70s. We had events and play days in Colton for years. Times Change, but the Mt. Hood National Forest has worked with our club for 50 years and we work well together and complement each other. In 1961 we met with the Oregon Department of Forestry in the Tillamook Burn and talked of trails and events and how we could keep the trails open in the event of a fire. This would give access to more areas to fight fire and we would help maintain the trails.

4. Does Mt. Scott MC organize casual rides or larger events throughout the year?

We are a trail riding club and only have one road event each year. We have five events a year in the Tillamook Burn and the TeePee Run annually at McCubins Gulch on Mt. Hood. Our club events include Dual Sport, Devil's Head ISDE, Dick Jagow GP at Washougal MX Track and Poker Runs, Road Runs and Trials.

5. What can someone expect by becoming a member?

Prospective members must be active riders and participate in work parties, etc. They also must be voted in after a 90 day probation period.

6. Is the club open to all riding levels?

Yes, minimum age of 18. For the past 3 years the club runs YSEP (Youth Safety Evaluation program) to help educated young riders from the ages of 7 and up.

7. What is Mt. Scott MC's biggest contribution to dirt bike riding?

We have actively worked on building and maintaining trails throughout Oregon mostly in the Tillamook Forest and east of Mt. Hood in the National Forest areas. Our Club also worked closely with the various governmental agencies to keep the lands open that we have enjoyed since 1941. Outside of that we have donated to the Crippled Children (OSHU Hospital) and hope to start something with the American Cancer Society.

8. I hear Mt. Scott members participate in the Ride Reno 200. What's the possibility about organizing a Ride Portland 200?

I will bring it up at the next meeting.

Written By: AndrewT