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Dirt Bike Riding Tips

From the Track to the Trails on Your Dirt Bike

Not all of us have the means to afford two dirt bikes so when the racing ends and trail season begins many riders turn their MX bike into an off-road machine ready to take on the ultimate obstacle course. Trail riding consists pretty much anywhe...

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What is Target Fixation?

Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer. Target fixation can happen to anyone whether driving, riding motorcycles or ripping laps on a Motocross track. A good trainer rails against it and you can often distinguish the rookies from the ve...

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Motocross Riding Tips with Gary Semics: Steering with the Rear Wheel

It wasn't until the late 70s that riders and mechanics started referring to rear wheel steering. Of course, the pros were doing it long before, but it became a common phrase in the late 70s. Before that time, it was called backing it in. Which w...

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How To Avoid Getting Lost While Dirt Bike Trail Riding

Uh oh. You're lost. Hitting the trails on your dirt bike offers an unprecedented amount of fun and part of that joy happens from exploring a vast network of trails that take you anywhere and everywhere. You have no idea what to expect around the...

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9 Tips for Riding Your Dirt Bike in Dusty Conditions

A difference exists between dirt and dust. We don't ride dust bikes but rather dirt bikes. A massive accumulation of dust results in dirt but sometimes we ride in the dust on bikes made for the dirt. Other times we get left in the dust. Riding...

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Motocross Riding Tips with Gary Semics: Is Cycling Good for Motocross Training?

Cycling (road and mountain biking) have become popular for off the MX bike training. I have discovered that many trainers and riders overdo this form of supplement training. This is because they do too much cycling instead of more Motocross spec...

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Overheating Symptoms: Body Overheating While Riding a Dirt Bike

Sometimes we think, "just a little bit longer." But the effects of heat stroke don't wait for the end of a Moto and when the symptoms of overheating begin, you have little time to reverse course. Like thirst, often when riding dirt bikes we do...

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Motocross Riding Tips with Gary Semics: What Gear Should I Be In When...?

You would think that this is a beginner question, and it usually is an entry level question. If you're above the beginner level, you would think you'd know what gear to be in at all times. But in reality, I have witnessed many riders making the ...

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How To Reduce Arm Pump

Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome. That's the real name for arm pump a sometimes debilitating condition that causes blood to pool in the forearms, causing swelling and loss of strength in the arms. Many dirt bike riders succumb to its fo...

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How To Stay Hydrated While Dirt Bike Trail Riding

Trail riding has no clock. You can ride and ride so long as gas fuels your dirt bike. Meanwhile, you sweat, even in cool temperatures, totally oblivious to your thirst, and without your own fuel reserves, expect to crash (quite possibly in more ...

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