We talk dirt bike gear all the time.

The best gear, the most popular gear, riding gear, and necessary gear - the list goes on. The rider needs gear and the bike has gear, more commonly known as parts. Indeed, riding a dirt bike requires all this extra gear and most of it probably goes with little notice until you need it.

But sometimes gear really surprises and noticeably enhances the level of safety, comfort, ridability or just the overall enjoyment of riding a dirt bike. This particular set of gear stands out and quickly becomes a must-have. Most riders probably have a favorite piece of gear which often results in lifetime loyalty to one company over another.

MotoSport employs many riders, some former pros too, so we wanted to find out some of their most unexpected favorite pieces of gear and why they never leave home without it.

Brandon Hoff - Email Manager

Oakley Airbrake Goggles with Prizm Lens

The field of vision is much improved over a standard goggle plus the Prizm lens makes it easier to see transitions in the terrain.

Billy Kelty - Customer Account Manager

Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

With virtually no break in period, they are ready for any type of racing you can imagine. The best part of the Sidi Crossfires is you can virtually replace every part of the boot so you can keep them longer than the competition. Sidi will always be my boot of choice.

Note: Crossfire 3 SRS replaced the Crossfire 2

Jeff Wilson - Buyer Dirt Bike Parts

POD K4 Knee Braces

I have the POD K300 (replaced by the current K4 brace) and have had them for around seven years and they have served me very well. The thought of them sounds restrictive and uncomfortable but unfortunately I was wearing a pair of cheapo knee pads to try out when I crashed on the road jump at Washougal, as I still had a bit of my own jaded perception that knee braces were over kill and cheaper knee pads would do fine.

I ended up with several surgeries, weeks in the hospital and unable to walk for more than three months. Had I been wearing the knee braces I am certain the injury and down time would have been drastically reduced, maybe even prevented. Now it's like a helmet or boots, if I don't have them I'm not riding.

Kaitlyn Beecroft - Content Manager

Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag

The Giant Loop Zig Zag Handlebar Bag has surprisingly been my favorite addition to my bike this season. When I'm on the trail and I need to grab a quick snack or check the Gaia GPS this bag makes it so easy. Anything I need quick is readily accessible and easy to grab without removing gloves. The little bit of extra storage goes a long way on long trail rides.

Colton Follett - Lead, MotoSport Gearhead Operations

Tear-Offs or Goggle Bag

It's amazing how fragile and how dirty your riding bag gets that if you don't have tear offs on your lens or don't store your goggles in a goggle bag the lenses get scratched almost immediately which makes it really tough to see if you wear glasses.

Kjell Jacobson - Account Manager

TUbliss System

The one that keeps surprising me is the Tubliss system. I recommend it as the second thing to do after suspension. I like it that much. Honestly, I no longer look to avoid big objects like tree roots or boulders. I just aim for them. The Tubliss just sucks up the shock of the impact.

Sebastian Puente - Parts Specialist

Fox Instinct Boots

This boots are the most comfortable boot you will ever wear, the best example to explain how comfy these boots are is "The feeling you get when you finally make it home after a long day of work and you take off your work shoes and put on your slippers or your snickers" not only comfort but this boots offer all the best safety features that have kept my ankles safe at all times, I've tried a lot of different brands through all of my riding and racing and I don't really see myself using any other brand of boots.

Kelin Phillips - Manager, Partnerships & Events

Fox Racing Raceframe SB CE Chest Protector

This is a very important piece of gear for me especially after breaking ribs and getting ran over by other bikes during a race or having my own bike fall on me after a get off. It has saved me from what could have been some serious pain numerous times. This Race Guard is very slim and goes nicely under the jersey and provides excellent chest and back protection. In a dangerous sport like Motocross it really pays to wear safety equipment such as this.

Alex Cocco - GHX Sales Manager

Canyon Dancer Tiedown Strap Rings

Tired of strapping your bike down around the handlebars and having cables and bar pads in the way? I put these on all my bikes. It makes strapping the bike down much quicker and it holds more securely since it is pulling from lower on the front suspension.

Straight from the horse's mouth or make that #TeamMotoSport. Sometimes it helps to see what others have found success with when looking for new gear or wanting to make a change. So take it from us! Really, you can, just click on a link - it takes you right to the product page.