Looking for an environmentally friendly moto wash that actually works?

Dirt Bandit Bike Wash has become a favorite among off-road enthusiasts for cleaning the near impossible without worry of damaging the environment or stripping off the lubricant from bearings and seals.

Just a little Dirt Bandit goes a long way in cleaning your dirt bike, ATV, motorcycle and even car without leaving behind a sticky residue on rubber and plastic or oxidize anodized aluminum wheels. Use Dirt Bandit on any surface and enjoy the fresh sent while you clean. You can also use Dirt Bandit wash on your riding gear.

Strategically formulated in the Pacific Northwest, Dirt Bandit bike wash uses biodegradable ingredients formulated to minimize any impact to the environment. Grab a gallon of concentrate and dilute to 50/50 with water or get the ready to use 32-ounce spray bottle OR, even better, get the concentrate and spray bottle to always have a supply on hand.

Using Dirt Bandit bike wash is easy. Hose down your bike, spray Dirt Bandit on all metal, plastic and painted surfaces then let sit for five to 10 minutes. Wash off just as you would any normal soap application.

MotoSport sells the 32 ounce spray bottle and the gallon concentrate. Visit the Dirt Bandit bike wash page to check out additional information and to order.