177 blogs.

Quite possibly a record for blog production in one year by MotoSport. For a time, we posted daily. Every. Single. Day. Except on weekends. Thankfully we ended that unsustainable pattern as the output did not seem to resonate with you - our readers! Swing and a miss as they say.

Regardless, hopefully you found them insightful, interesting, entertaining and most of all accurate. MotoSport never wants you to miss a ride and that goes for every facet of the company. We have former pros on staff, mechanics and people who wrench on their dirt bikes, ATVs and motorcycles routinely so the knowledge inside MotoSport headquarters far exceeds anyone else selling parts and gear. (At least we like to think so.)

At any rate, some blogs did not succeed for some reason (can't hit it out of the park every time) while others clearly proved informative and unfortunately some fell by the wayside. In the future, we hope to make some changes to make it easier for you to read and collect information from product reviews to tech tips. So stay tuned.

We have never done a best blogs blog before. (I really don't like the term blog. With a background as a newspaper reporter I prefer "articles" but admittedly I sometimes incorporate elements from the blogging world that would make my former editor cringe. Besides, nobody else in our industry follows basic rules and etiquette you'd learn on the first day of J101.) However, people enjoy Top 10 lists especially those that condense a year into something more manageable. Therefore, enjoy the following Top 10 Best Blogs from MotoSport (in no particular order).

Top Blogs 2019

By the way, thanks for reading.

1. How to Find Hard to Find Parts for a Dirt Bike Rebuild

MotoSport employee Eric Doubet discussed his venture into rebuilding a 1979 Yamaha MX175 and how he found hard to find parts to complete the job.

From the article: "Rebuilding an old dirt bike comes with several challenges. First you need to find the bike in good enough condition to rebuild. A rusted, clapped out dirt bike offers little foundation to work from. Once unearthed (sometimes literally) you need to find parts."

Read the entire article: How to Find Hard to Find Parts for a Dirt Bike Rebuild

2. What You Need to Start Riding Dirt Bikes

We took a step back and walked in the shoes of someone just starting out. Clearly you need more than a dirt bike. We wanted to help give a realistic impression of some of the basics needed to get out and ride.

From the article: "Don't even think about riding your dirt bike without wearing the essential riding gear. We call it the Core 4 - helmet, goggles, boots and gloves. You need these pieces of gear to safely operate a dirt bike."

Read the entire article: What You Need to Start Riding Dirt Bikes

3. How To Prepare and Qualify for Loretta Lynn's Motocross

The biggest amateur Motocross race of the year belongs to Loretta Lynn's. Thankfully, we had MotoSport employee, former pro and previous Loretta Lynn's attendee Brandon Hoff gives us the details on what to expect when heading to The Ranch.

From the article: "But before you can even think about winning a class title at the Amateur National Motocross Championship you have to get there. And not everyone gets an invite to Loretta Lynn's."

Read the entire article: How To Prepare and Qualify for Loretta Lynn's Motocross

4. A Guide to Amateur Motocross

Again, we tapped into the vast knowledge of former pro Brandon Hoff to guide us through the world of amateur Motocross. You need more than just a dirt bike to get started riding and you need even more than that to get started as an amateur racer.

From the article: "Racing Amateur Motocross offers an undeniable roller coaster ride of ups and downs giving you the highest of highs and unfortunately the lowest of lows."

Read the entire article: A Guide to Amateur Motocross

5. Tire Mousse: A Guide to Foam Tubes and Flat Free Tires

One result of taking on the impractical task of posting articles Every. Single. Day. is recycling previous articles. We have written about the tire mousse many, many times. And, for good reason. New information comes to light and you can take different approaches. No, it doesn't always work but in this case it made the Top 10.

From the article: "Bottom line, the tire mousse eliminates flats. Instead of air inflating the tire, a foam tube or insert replaces the air and expands the tire. No tire pump necessary. Punctures have no effect on tire pressure and you can readily ride across razor sharp glass without losing tire pressure."

Read the entire article: Tire Mousse: A Guide to Foam Tubes and Flat Free Tires

6. How To Pick the Right Motorcycle

Only a select few take to the streets and perhaps not knowing where to start or what kind of motorcycle works best keeps some inside their cars. This article covered all the type of motorcycles along with a brief overview of each.

From the article: "Though all motorcycles get you from place to place not all motorcycles are created equal. Many motorcycle buying guides exist, so we hope to make it easy and strip down the details so you can make an informed choice."

Read the entire article: How To Pick the Right Motorcycle

7. How To Reduce Arm Pump

Everyone who has ever thrown a leg over a dirt bike has probably experienced arm pump. Extreme cases can be debilitating but mostly it impacts your riding and indicates bad technique.

From the article: "Therefore, if you feel arm pump coming on the best thing to do is stop riding obviously not an ideal choice when in the middle of a race. So, squeeze your legs to reduce the pressure on your arms and check your breathing. Hopefully, you can power through and finish."

Read the entire article: How To Reduce Arm Pump

8. How To Get Into Adventure Riding

One of the fastest growing segments of powersports more or less combines a street bike with a dirt bike. Ride on the freeway then veer off and take the road less traveled. Just how do you get into this not so much new anymore form of riding on two-wheels? Hopefully we covered it well.

From the article: "An Adventure bike looks much like a dirt bike, with the knobby tires and trim body, melted into a cruiser type motorcycle accompanied by a larger engine, larger fuel tank and other off-road components. Together, you get a versatile, fast moving machine that can take you from the pavement to gravel and all places in between."

Read the entire article: How To Get Into Adventure Riding

9. Ever Considered Taking a Motorcycle Road Trip?

Little else compares to the freedom of the open road and taking a motorcycle on a log road trip. Whether for the day or an overnight excursion taking a motorcycle vacation probably ranks high on many items never crossed off on a bucket list. So do it!

From the article: "Don't misunderstand between taking a motorcycle vacation and taking your motorcycle on vacation. You can take your motorcycle on vacation, as the primary means of transportation, or take a motorcycle vacation which means you take your ride as the primary means of transportation but the whole point of the trip revolves around the motorcycle."

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10. Motocross Doesn't Come Cheap - Ways to Save

Stick and ball parents haven't a clue what it really means to invest in a sport. Motocross probably holds the #1 spot in terms of cost and those who ride spend their hours off the bike looking for ways to save. We came up with some pretty sound suggestions.

From the article: "But Motocross doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, well, at least in the figurative sense. Veteran riders know full well the potential physical cost. At any rate, with some ingenuity and a bit of effort you can get more track time and bar-banging without taking such a big hit to your bank account."

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