The Dirt Series debuted with much success in Southern California last year. Unlike any other race event, The Dirt Series is a stand-alone series with all-encompassing racing as it features dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, Trophy Karts and Stadium Lite racing using the same motocross track. The 10-round 2014 season begins in February with one round every month until the series concludes in November. The Dirt Series visits Motorsports Park in Lake Elsinore, Glen Helen Raceway in San Barnardino and Milestone MX Park in Riverside among others.

Club Name: Dirt Series

Year Founded: 2011

Who Founded: Scott Burns & Steve Miller

Home city: Southern California


Club Email:

Entry fees: Amateur MX/ATV - $35; Pro MX/ATV - $45; UTV/TK/SL - $50

  1. Is the Dirt Series a club for a rider to join or are you more of a race promoting organization?

We are more of a race promoting organization. Our intent is to co-exist with other local MX race series and branch off from the success of the 2011 FNL Summer & Winter Race Series held at Milestone MX and develop a unique standalone series that could excite the youth, beginner, amateur, veteran and pro racers. We also wanted to keep the series and travel schedule within a budget minded racer, sponsor, vendor and/or spectator range as well as integrate different racing environments, give away great prizes and just put on a good time race event!

  1. The Dirt Series started in 2012 - What was the motivation to start this series?

Pure love for the sport. Scott and I met at one of his FNL races at Milestone in mid-year 2011 and we just jelled at that point and started working on the details of "the Dirt Series". It's been a tough, fun climb but the series showcases our hard work we put it to building what it is now. The main focus of the series was to bring new life back into the rich history of the area by utilizing existing core tracks or tracks unavailable to some of the vehicles being raced that can accommodate the series premise. Interacting with all the racers, families and friends makes every weekend the Dirt Series comes to town exciting!

  1. Do you sponsor a championship series of races or is each race its own singular event?

We showcase a culmination of rounds to race to become an overall champion of the series.

  1. Does the Dirt Series have a "racing season" or is it more random events year-round?

It is a race season. In 2014 we will be going to 10 rounds

  1. Are there races for all levels of riders or do you consider your events the "minor leagues" of motocross?

I don't consider us the "minor leagues" of motocross. There are a few other race series throughout the Western US region that have similarities but I believe we are offer something that no other series offers and that makes it good for the racers and the sport.

  1. What makes the Dirt Series different from other motocross events?

Not only do we offer multiple classes of racing like UTVs, ATVs, MX, Trophy Karts and Stadium Lites but we run these other divisions on a motocross course. No other race series that I can name runs this type of set-up with these classes. The tracks we pretty much leave the way they are but we do fix them a little bit. I usually visit the tracks a couple times before each round to go over any changes or fixes that are needed. I will coordinate with one of my sponsors to bring out a UTV so they can run the track a little and get what is needed dialed in. Most of the time the tracks only need widening in a couple areas.

  1. Is the Dirt Series more for the serious rider who might be looking at the next level or could the skilled weekend trails rider or even beginner tackle your events?

We have both. With the emergence of the UTVs and Trophy Karts, many of these racers are looking to advance their race resume and look at the next level. But we do have a strong following of weekend riders that enjoying coming out.

  1. The Dirt Series seems pretty ambitious encompassing motocross, ATV, UTV and even Karts where do you see it going in the future?

We continue to work with the other local race series each year to give the racing community somewhere to go each month. With racers, families and friends coming out to enjoy a weekend of off road motorsports and entertainment we will continue to grow in a direction that remains fun for everyone.

  1. It all sounds great - how do I sign up?

If you're interested in learning more about the series you can find us at as well as our social media channels, & The new year is just around the corner and we are looking forward to an awesome race season! " all begins again February 2014!"