Club Name: Dust Devils Motorcycle Club

Year Founded: 1993

Who Founded: A group of five Dual Sport Riders sitting around a picnic table who wanted to ride, and ride they did.

Number of Members: 75

Home city: Reno, Nevada



Member dues: $25 annually individually

1. Dust Devils MC is a Dual Sport club, how does that differ from other motorcycle clubs?

We call ourselves a "Dual Sport" club, although most of our riders enjoy the freedom and enjoyment of every type of motorcycle, street bikes, side-by-sides, quads, snow machines, cruisers, choppers, even land sailing. But our root passion has to be getting out to nature, away from the hustle and bustle and enjoying what the great Silver State has to offer.

2. Is the club open to all levels of riders?

Our club has always been open to every age, gender, race, level, make of bike, passion of the sport. We have our youngest riders who are teenagers to our oldest members into their eighties still riding. We have beginners in all age brackets to former pro racers in our club. We welcome anyone with the passion to ride and keep our public lands open for future generations.

3. What can a beginner expect by joining Dust Devils?

A beginner can expect friends, riding buddies, people with the knowledge who are willing to spend the time with you - in the saddle, at your comfort level - enjoying what you do, at a safe, knowledgeable pace. We even have State Certified Rider Coaches in our club who are more than happy to share their knowledge. And we all love to talk shop. Did I mention friends and riding buddies? Never ride alone!

4. What do you think is the club's biggest contribution to the sport?

The Dust Devils are a big advocacy group for public land use. We not only look out for our own sport, but we look out for other sports and uses like walking, hiking, mountain biking, hunting, equestrian, and other motorsports activities. We need to understand that motorcycles are not alone in the public land use issues and we need to come together with the other advocacy groups to help keep our public lands open for future generations. We do this through our annual non-profit charity ride we put on in the fall called the Ride Reno 200 (RR200).

5. How would you describe the riding in Reno?

Everyone is going to tell you their riding is the best in the country or even the world. But what if I could tell you I have all types of riding in my back yard? Reno Nevada is still a hidden gem for sports and local attractions. To the west we have heavy redwoods, single track and mountains by Truckee, CA. To the east we have rocky terrain, open desert, single and double tracks. To the North we have mild rocks and single and double tracks leading to the Black Rock desert where the Burning Man festival is held every year. To the South is more sand and more double track but still plenty of single track. Riding is never more than five minutes away, even from Downtown Reno.

6. What is the Ride Reno 200?

The Ride Reno 200 (RR200) has been hailed "The Best in the West Ride" and the "Don't Miss Event of the Year" for dual sports. And frankly, we couldn't be happier with those reviews. Every year since 1996, we do our best to keep our self-guided tour of the Sierra Nevada Ranges fresh and new. We incorporate First Morning Food and lunches. One lunch is served under a Reno Championship Air Races Pylon as the races are screaming overhead. You can't forget to mention our award winning banquet filled with fun, raffle prizes and amazing food. This year we are heading back to the newly renovated Boomtown that was purchased recently from an outdoor enthusiast. From beginning to end we are going to have demos in the pits area, trails for the adventure bikes, and hard single tracks. Just think all this is for charity too! This ride is designed for the Beginning B level rider to the Pro A rider, and everyone will leave wanting to sign-up for next year.

7. What other rides/events is the club involved with?

We have our yearly "DDMC Get Acquainted Ride" in the early spring. I conduct my "Presidential Pack Ride" and we just finished up with an 11 day, 1,300 plus mile Adventure ride. We also indulge in a nice lazy day street ride from time to time. We have many members that can only ride on the weekends and others that can only ride during the weekdays, so we always have groups riding. We also do a lot of pre-RR200 riding and race parties for GP and Supercross. We also like to get together with some of our brother clubs in the areas and ride with them. Guests are always welcome to ride along on any of our rides and meetings.

8. Why join Dust Devils MC?

Why join DDMC, why not? We are a club for the everything enthusiast. We are the club for the anything level. We are the club for the whatever you ride or like. We are the club for the whatever you think (as long as you like fun).We really work hard for our one event of the year and ask that you help out for that one event, as much as you can. Some can help more, some can help less. For those rewards we ride and play just as hard as we work. If you're looking for a family oriented club no matter your skill, bike, or your anything, you are welcome here.