Author: David Bulmer

Gabriel Jairala has had one of the busiest summers in amateur motocross, racing both in America and in Europe as he helped Team USA win the trophy at the Junior World Championships as well as a couple of individual Loretta Lynn's titles. We caught up with him back in Texas, where he's now made the switch from 65s to 85s...

How did you find the experience of Italy, and being over in Europe for the Junior World Championships?

It was way better than Texas, it was only like 86F over there, like cold weather compared to Texas in the summer. Everything was just a little different - the cars were way smaller for one, the restaurants were a lot different. But it was really cool to see new stuff.

Did you know about the Junior World Championships before you rode it?

I heard Jake Pinhancos with Michael Mosiman and Josh (Mosiman) went over last year to France. And I heard Pinhancos actually won over there, so I was like "wow, that must have been so cool." After Oak Hill and World Mini they invited me to go over there so I was really happy. Just getting the chance to go over there after being invited by the AMA was just a big honor and a major accomplishment.

How did your races go in Italy?

It was really good, I got an OK, maybe about a 10th place start in the first race. Right away I worked my way to 6th but everyone was just going at it, like it was the last turn to win. Everyone just crashed, I avoided someone but slid out, I had to work my way up to 9th. It was OK, it went pretty good. Then the second race I got a bad start and had to pull in the pits early on, fixed the bike up and I tried to charge through as many people as possible.

But your results helped Team USA take the win, how did it feel to be on the podium?

It was amazing! I was surprised that my scores were good enough to win for America but I was so happy to be on the podium holding the trophy. It was really cool to be part of a winning team, having riders like Chase (Bell) and Joey (Savatgy) next to you.

Is it an event you want to do next year?

Definitely! I hear the track in Bulgaria is awesome so I'd love to get the opportunity to race that, and try and help America win the team event again. I'd also hope to improve my scores but I know it'll be tough in the 85 class.

Loretta's was the week before Cingoli, where you and Adam Cianciarulo were the only two riders to win both their classes, how did that feel?

Well it felt really good because I got the holeshot or top 3 starts in every moto, and held out for top 3s in every race, so I got the overall. I'm really happy with how it went at Loretta's, being both consistent and fast and cutting out the mistakes. I got two championships and I couldn't be happier.

What was it like to go from Loretta's to Cingoli, the tracks look so much different?

The tracks were crazy different! The dirt alone was different, because Loretta's has actual dirt. At Cingoli it was rock and street gravel, but it did have more hills and more ups and downs. Loretta's is more technical with all their turns and rhythm sections.

So you're back in Texas now, what do plan on doing the rest of the year?

Well I think we are going to go to Mini O's but not on 65s, we're just going to go on 85s and see where I'm at on 85s. No more 65s after this!