Author: Brent Stallo

GEICO Team Endures "Camp LaRocco"

There's a little patch of land in Western Michigan that past world champion Mike LaRocco likes to call home. GEICO Honda's Lites riders have been calling that same area hell for the last 10 days.

Justin Barcia, Eli Tomac, and Wil Hahn stayed in Michigan during the off-week following the RedBud National for some intensive training, riding, and team building under the watchful eye of LaRocco - GEICO Honda team manager, motocross legend, and would-be drill instructor.

"We're all joking that when we grow up we want to be tough like Rock," Barcia said. "Man, he's been killing us. It's not Camp LaRocco, it's boot camp. I thought about puking every day because he was pushing us that hard. We rode against each other in 40-minute motos, then he had us riding sand dunes, then we'd hit the gym. It was brutal."

LaRocco said while he doesn't expect miracles to happen at this weekend's Spring Creek National, the next stop in the Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championship tour, he does hope his young riders changed their perspective.

"I was brought up to believe that when you train, the race should be the easiest part of the week," LaRocco said. "I don't doubt these guys train, but since I'm not there with them all the time, I don't know how they train.

"I got the impression that the races themselves have been the hardest part of the first six outdoor races so I thought they should know what real training should be."

LaRocco added that, griping aside, the camp feel did a lot to forge a tighter team bond.

Is Glen Helen Off the World Championship Schedule?

USGP Glen Helen Motocross

Due to lack of support from top American riders and factories the USGP at Glen Helen has officially been removed from the World Championship schedule for 2012. While the race will be absent in 2012, the powers that be at FIM and Glen Helen hope to have the race return in the future.

Following the publication of the 2012 Provisional FIM Motocross World Championship Calendar, where the USGP is not present, Youthstream and Glen Helen would like to confirm that their relationship is extremely good and the will to co-operate remains strong. The decision to not put the USGP on the 2012 calendar is based on the fact that there is a lack of interest from the American industries and due to the low presence of top American riders. This is an almighty shame as the organization and the quality of the racing at the USGP in Glen Helen was really impressive.

Youthstream and Glen Helen will however continue working on having a USGP in the future with the presence of the top American riders.

MX Masterkids Shine in France

Annual global Des Nations-style event for junior MX racers' held in France this past weekend and the highly out-numbered Cobra riders score major class wins!

Chalk up two more impressive victories for Cobra competition mini cycles on the global stage as California's Stilez Robertson and the UK's Dylan Woodcock scored overall victories in their respective 50cc and 65cc classes at the eighth annual MX Master Kids held at France's Commercy MX track.

Stilez Robertson Cobra Motocross

Robertson opened the competition by dominating the 50cc 9-and-under qualifiers on his Cobra CX50 Sr., aka the "King 50." The skies would open up a bit prior to the start of Robertson's main event and, on a greasy track, he had to come from behind to catch the leaders. Passing for the lead versus a KTM-mounted Estonian racer, Robertson looked to be into the clear around the third lap - only to get punted in a corner by the same racer.

With the No. 1 and No. 2 riders on the ground, Robertson was able to get back up and mount an attack on the new lead racer - who he'd passed en route to his initial moto lead position. Committed, Robertson pinned his King 50 and passed for the lead, eventually opening up a 30-second margin at the checkers. And all that with a flat rear tire!

And equaling the excitement of Robertson's 50cc class finals run was Woodcock in the 65cc class. Held up in the first turn, Woodcock was back in 14th place in the full-gate 65 class finals moto. Picking off rider after rider the UK's top mini cycle racer - on his Cobra CX65 - finally caught the lead rider and passed him with four corners remaining. The two battled to the end and Woodcock won 'er at the checkers!

"It was one of those races where, at the start, you were saying to yourself 'Never, not going to happen,'" said Cobra's European operative Neil McClelland of Woodcock's perceived chances to win. "And then it did. Definitely the weekend's most thrilling race out of all the classes."

Also running well on his Cobra CX65 was the UK's Harry Wichmann, who placed 5th in the 65cc class at the MX Master Kids.

Cole Thompson To Make Pro Debut In Canada Following Loretta's

Cole Thompson Motocross

According to, a leading Canadian motocross online pub amateur standout Cole Thompson is preparing to make his pro debut at home in Canada. Direct Motocross reports, "Amateur sensation, Cole Thompson will not be lining up at Gopher as many people thought. He will be skipping the Walton Transcan this year also but will be showing up on the weekend to make his pro debut on the 450 in the MX1 class. How do you think he will do? Email me at" Good luck to Cole in his pro debut. Your friends at Vurb will be rooting for you.

2013 MXoN Venue Selected

As if the Grand Prix of Germany didn't receive enough hype this week, Teutschenthal, is now being touted as the official home of the 2013 Motocross of Nations. The announcement was made prior to the start of the GP last weekend.

Youthstream, FIM and MSC Teutschenthal announced that the 2013 Motocross of Nations will take place in Teutschenthal and all the parties signed the contract during the Grand Prix of Germany.

Motocross of Nations Germany

Mr. Giuseppe Luongo, Youthstream President, stated: "After a long partnership with MSC Teutschenthal and especially after the incredible success of the GP of Germany this weekend, it is normal to have a Motocross of Nations in the traditional track of Teutschenthal. It will be a good opportunity to show once more the excellent organization of the German Motoclub, because what happened in Teutschenthal this weekend has been incredible. The 2013 MXoN will be bigger than this year's German GP, so I am sure it will be an unforgettable moment for the history of the sport."

Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM/CMS Director, added: "I am very happy that the biggest event in the World of Motocross, the FIM Motocross of Nations, returns to Germany after so many years. Congratulations to MSC Teutschenthal and Youthstream for this important agreement."