Feeling a little bored or just a bit antsy?

It's the Holidays so presumably you have some time off. The Christmas shopping is done. The house is decorated. Traffic sucks. Football is banned. But you don't want to sit around the house all day waiting for cocktail hour or waste time trolling the internet and message boards for the temporary guilty-pleasure of schadenfreude.

So get to work!

It's cold, perhaps raining maybe snowing, everyone is busy so riding buddies hard to come by. Now is the perfect time to get the garage organized and cleaned, stock inventory and prepare for the coming riding season. Of course, it is easier said than done so we offer you some tips to get started and hopefully remind you of those little things you might forget. So, first things first...

Pop Open a Brew

You're on vacation. Live a little. Now...

Clean the Garage

Have you seen your garage? Clean it! Sweep the floor, recycle used liquids and filters and throw out anything you don't need. Empty the overflowing trash can. Clean the oil spill you had last summer and finally throw out that used spark plug. The snapped chain? It's not reusable. Dump it. Same goes for the accompanying sprockets. You replaced the whole drive train, right? While you're in the garage...

Organize (Everything)

Most people tend to grab what they need and put it back on the most convenient shelf when done. Eventually, this tool gets shuffled around with other tools of similar fate and nothing remains in its rightful place. Even more, dirt bike specific tools comingle with those for the car and around-the-house projects. Put the tools back in the tool box and on the wall rack.

If necessary, separate those used for your dirt bike from the rest so the torque wrench doesn't end up alongside the plumber's wrench. Owning a tool box reserved specifically for dirt bike tools and hardware helps with the organizing process.

Next, find a spot for chemicals and lubricants, cleaning supplies and hardware. This goes for all the boxes of crap lying around, too. Stop tripping over the empty boxes and figure out what's in everything else. Toss what you don't need, arrange everything else out of the way with easy access when needed.

Take Inventory

What do you need today to ride tomorrow? It's so easy to put off buying parts especially if winter keeps you sidelined for a couple of months. But how many times have you come up short a few days before an outing and scrambled for parts? At the very least, document what you need and maybe you'll get a MotoSport gift certificate for Christmas. Ideally, you should stock chemicals and high wear parts:

Conversely, what don't you need to ride tomorrow or at least shouldn't ride? Replace tattered gear like beat up boots, ripped jersey or pants, or a helmet more than five years old.

Winterize and/or Clean Your Dirt Bike

You probably know by now that winterizing your bike is a must in areas that get cold and prevent year-round riding. This includes changing the oil and filter, lubricating everything and draining the gas tank or adding fuel stabilizer. To learn how to properly winterize your dirt bike read 6 Tips for Dirt Bike and ATV Winter Storage.

Now is also a good time for a thorough cleaning which is a must if stored. Polish the plastic and clean the nooks and crannies that mostly get overlooked during summer wash-downs. Lubricate bearings, the chain and perform any scheduled maintenance. Think showroom shine so every time you step into the garage all you see is a machine of beauty.

All finished? Open another brew, sit back and read more dirt bike content related to Christmas: