Dirt bike riding requires finesse, concentration, strength and a whole lot of protective gear. If you were to rank the importance of each piece of gear, a helmet, obviously is first, followed by motocross boots. Your feet, ankles and calves endure the brunt of the sport probably more than any other body part.

A hot engine, roost, other dirt bikes, boulders, trees and of course anytime you crash can all inflict serious injury to your lower extremities. Additionally, feet also act as anchors when cornering and to prevent falls. The more than two dozen bones constructing your feet and ankles need serious support and armor to withstand high speed impacts.

Motocross boots offer the best protection for your feet, ankles and calves than anything available on the market. A solid dirt bike boot incorporates heat resistant materials reinforced with elements like steel, polyurethane and extra padding to provide the strongest defense and ultimate in comfort.

What do we cover in this guide?

Finding the right motocross boot can be a little tricky. As with any product, what may work for one fails for another. Many dirt bikers through trial and error find the perfect fit and never sway. This explains why veterans to the sport typically swear allegiance to one make and one manufacturer.

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Motocross Boot Features

  • Removable arch support
  • Buckle lock system
  • Shock absorbing padding
  • Reinforced shin plate protectors
  • Steel toe and heel guards
  • Achilles flex zones

The more features offered the more expensive the boot. A high-end motocross boot generally gives better, enhanced protection and a more comfortable fit.

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How to Size Your Motocross Boots

  • Use the size chart provided
  • Jump up a size from regular shoe size
  • Measure foot while wearing riding socks

Use the chart to the right as an aid to figure out your correct boot size.

Keep in mind some brands may provide their own specific boot size chart. Find sizing charts for every boot directly under the price and above the size and color selection drop-down box.

What To Keep in Mind

If your boots remain overly tight after wearing or the buckles prove difficult to close without discomfort, get a larger size.

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Product Recommendations

The best motocross boot fits right and provides the protection you need to safely ride. That boot might very well be a lower-priced boot. However, generally speaking, higher cost equals better materials and advanced technological features to create a tough, durable and long-lasting boot.

If you're new to dirt bike riding consider a lower cost boot until you find your bearings on two-wheels but if comfort is a factor in your ability to ride try a higher-end boot for the needed results.