You ask we answer. Here's the latest in our "Ask a Mechanic" series.

Q: Do left-handed dirt bike throttles exist?

A: Yes, if you're an engineering whiz who can re-configure the bike's controls. Otherwise, no. You might write, bat, and throw left-handed and even enjoy playing a left-handed guitar but no such thing as a left-handed throttle exists for riding dirt bikes.

Think of it like driving a car with manual transmission. Manufacturers do not build left-handed stick shift vehicles therefore you punch the gas with your right foot, push the shift pedal in with your dominate left foot and control the stick with your right hand. Basically, you learn to deal with it and eventually your right hand becomes dominate when it comes to applying the gas on your dirt bike just like right-handed riders quickly figure out dominance with their left hand when it comes to the clutch.

So, if you're having problems just practice and practice some more. Eventually, you'll wonder why you ever had an issue rolling the throttle with your less dominate right hand.