Photo: Transworld Motocross

Davi Millsaps is finally healed and has a new ride.

He announced on Instagram a few days ago that Rockstar Energy KTM released him from his contract and doctors released him to ride so it's possible the 2013 AMA Supercross runner-up may take up one of the three remaining Nationals.

In an interview with Transworld Motocross, the now formerly MotoSport-sponsored Millsaps explained how a nagging foot injury kept him from starting the Motocross season as he was widely expected to do after injuring it in practice prior to the start of Supercross.

Millsaps said every time he thought his foot was healed the injury came back - most recently in April. When he felt good, he'd ride but then the injury returned and he'd be out a few months. As it turned out, a bone in his foot never fully healed so after several surgeries doctors performed a bone graft and added some plates and screws and he's now he's ready to go.

Additionally, he signed a two year contract with Kawasaki and he was testing a KX450F on Monday at Milestone. He said he wants to do a couple of weeks of Outdoors and then work towards the Monster Cup and the start of the 2015 Supercross season. Millsaps spent his time off the dirt bike riding a mountain bike and road bike to stay in shape.