The best part of your day has arrived,'s HOT or NOT list from Oakland.

450 HOT or NOT

James Stewart - HOT - Stewart had his back against the wall heading into Oakland and he did what he had to do...and he looked impressive doing it.

Chad Reed - NOT - Reed finally pulled the holeshot and had a chance to check out, instead he allowed Stewart to take the win. A solid showing to stay in front of RV, but nonetheless, he wanted that "W".

Ryan Villopoto - NOT - It's been said that when/if RV finally got a good start he would win with ease. Well, that didn't happen. He'll win more races, no doubt, but he failed to move up from his starting position of 3rd in Oakland.

Ryan Dungey - NOT - It was a solid ride for RD to move into 4th, but it was his first non-podium ride of the season.

Andrew Short - HOT - A top five for Shorty is solid at any race, though we're sure he wanted to keep Dungey at bay.

Kevin Windham - HOT - Another solid ride for K-Dub. He's now 6th in points, only three behind Weimer.

Davi Millsaps - HOT - After another bismal start to the season, Millsaps as looked strong the last two rounds with 7th and 8th place finishes.

Jake Weimer - NOT - Weimer proved he can be a top three threat. The only bad thing about that is now everyone will expect it.

Justin Brayton - NOT - Brayton just isn't producing like he was expected to prior to the season. He needs another breakout ride and he needs it fast.

Josh Hansen - NOT - A good ride, but we wanted to see Hanny improve from his 7th in L.A.

250 HOT or NOT

Eli Tomac - HOT - One of the only Lites riders to actually make it through the main event without a crash, Tomac looked extremely impressive.

Marvin Musquin - HOT - After crashing out of a podium in L.A., Musquin sliced his way through the pack like a true stud for a 2nd in Oakland.

Zach Osborne - HOT - We hate to see him go, but at least he went out HOT with back-to-back podium rides.

Ryan Sipes - HOT - Sipes needed a good ride and he got one in Oakland. His title hopes may be over, but he'll be playing spoiler for the rest of the season.

Matt Moss - Moss put in his first ever top five supercross ride and moved into 11th in points. Imagine if he hadn't crashed out of that LCQ in Phoenix?

Travis Baker - HOT - Baker has been consistent this season, as opposed to his 2011 campaign. He had his best result (6th) in Oakland and is now 12th in points.

Nico Izzi - NOT - His results are decent, and consistent, but Nico needs a start to prove he can run the pace with the big boys.

Max Anstie - HOT - Not an overly impressive 9th for Anstie, but consistent.

Martin Davalos - NOT - He got the start and didn't crash, which is what everyone has been waiting on. However, he faded to 9th.

Dean Wilson - NOT - The showdown was set for Wilson and Tomac to finally do battle, however, Wilson crashed out early. He did well to come back to 10th, but he severely hurt his championship hopes in the process.