breaks down the kick off to the Monster Energy Supercross at A1 with our HOT or NOT awards for the top 10. We'll be doing this from all 17 rounds, so be sure and check in every Tuesday to see who made the list.

450 HOT or NOT

Ryan Villopoto - HOT - RV was so hot at A1 there were flipping flames shooting out of his bike. No one expected to see a 20 sec. gap in the 450 class, but that's just what RV gave them.

Chad Reed - HOT - We couldn't say Reed wasn't Hot at A1, especially seeing his podium finish, but he won't be happy unless he can keep tabs on RV in Phoenix.

Ryan Dungey - HOT - It was the first ever supercross podium for KTM. Dungey went down in history on Saturday night. Now that's hot.

Justin Brayton - HOT - Top four for Brayton on the new team, especially after not looking extremely impressive in Vegas a few months ago is definitely a good way to start the season.

Jake Weimer - HOT - Weimer was under the gun to produce and produce early for Factory Kawi. He did that with a top five.

James Stewart - NOT - Stewy is looked upon to win or at least challenge for wins every week. Instead, he looked flat in the main and crashed his way to 6th.

Andrew Short - NOT - Yes, Shorty improved upon his 2011 A1 performance by three spots, but Shorty won't be happy until he's battling for top fives.

Kevin Windham - HOT - K-Dub fought through the pack to earn a respectable 8th. He want's to be a top five guy though, so we may be a bit tougher on him in the weeks to come.

Mike Alessi - HOT - Alessi actually looked like a supercross rider at A1, especially in his heat race when he grabbed the holeshot and fought off JS7 for a bit. Well done, Mr. Alessi. Well done indeed.

Josh Hansen - NOT - Hanny did okay, but last time we saw him ride SX he was fighting for a West Coast Lites title.

250 HOT or NOT

Cole Seely - HOT - Seely laid the law down on both PC and Geico at A1. That doesn't happen very often.

Tyla Rattray - HOT - Rattray has always been known as more of an outdoor specialist, so to see him throw down a podium at A1, well, we were pleasantly surprised.

Eli Tomac - HOT - This kid may have been the most impressive rider on the track last Saturday. Heck, he may even be our early favorite for the title.

Marvin Musquin - HOT - It was his first supercross in the states after being injured before the season last year and he hung it out with the big boys.

Ryan Sipes - HOT - Sipes rode well, and the fact that he had to qualify out of the LCQ and he still finished 5th is pretty impressive.

Dean Wilson - NOT - Wilson was runner up to Barcia in the east last season and is fresh off an outdoor title. He lost his HOT status when he ditched it on the last lap and lost our on a podium spot.

Jason Anderson - HOT - Anderson set the fast lap in his heat and while he didn't get a good start in the main, he fought his way through the pack for a solid finish. He's getting better.

Wil Hahn - NOT - Hahn was killing it all night, and we were more than pumped to see him win his heat and battle for 4th in the main, but he let his nerves get the best of him with an unnecessary crash.

Zach Osborne - HOT - Osborne has become a big name in the GPs over the last few years, and it was cool to see him back in the states for A1. He'll be back full time in 2013, so keep a look out for more of the #338 in the future.

Travis Baker - HOT - Baker didn't have the best sophomore season in 2011, but he bounced back with a solid top 10 for his team at A1. Hopefully he can keep it up and stay healthy in 2012.