So you want to ride an Enduro race.

Know that an enduro is like a trail ride on steroids. It'll be just about the toughest ride you'll ever do on a dirt bike but if you put in the time and practice, just like a marathon runner, you'll finish and the joy of success is incomparable.

Whereas a hare scramble is a race in its pure form, the fastest rider wins from the start of the gun, an enduro uses a time keeping format where stages or sections of the course are raced in a time trial against the clock. Riders leave in groups several minutes apart. The goal is to arrive at a predetermined location in a specific amount of time.

Scouring the internet for videos and reading about the experience doesn't come anywhere close to the physical and mental exertion you'll endure. You might think all that's needed is a well-running bike and you're off and racing. Think again.

Joining any event requires preparation and the more you know going in the better the first time experience. A bad first experience usually ends up being your last. So if you're passionate about dirt bikes and have a thirst to compete in an enduro consider these tips to help ease you into the competition.


Speaking of thirst you will get thirsty. Proper hydration is crucial and eating right is essential. Bring food and water. You'll be on your bike a long time and replenishing lost nutrients is key to getting to the finish line. Check out our 10 Things You Should Carry When Trail Riding. for hydration pack suggestions.


Dirt bikes are durable but they do break down. You'll need the right tools to get back in the thick of things in the event you experience a mechanical failure or flat tire. Bring along a flat tire repair kits, spare spark plugs, wrench sets and screwdrivers. Check out our selections featured in 10 Things You Should Carry When Trail Riding.

Stay on Course

Literally. Stay on the course. In the event you crash and get injured or completely break down, enduros provide "sweepers" who routinely sweep the course for riders needing help. If you stray off course and crash no one will find you.

License to Ride

If the enduro uses public roads you'll not only need a motorcycle license but your dirt bike needs a license plate. Keep this in mind when choosing the race. Many keep it off-road but others incorporate roads where a speed limit is maintained.


Enduros often last for days and entail night riding. You'll need a headlight if you want to keep riding. Even for general trail riding, a thick tree canopy can turn a forest trail into nighttime so if you're into off-road and like roaming through the woods, checkout our selection of headlamps and light kits.

You're now ready to experience the race of a lifetime. Go in prepared, get ready to have fun and enjoy the freedom that only motorcycle racing offers.