Author: Brent Stallo

Champions are being crowned at the Ranch and things are heating up heading into the final day of racing on Saturday. Read on to get the full low down.

85 12-14 Mod

Austin Forkner lead the charge going into the final 12-14 Mod moto with Mark Worth only two points behind. Both riders had moto wins and each had proven themselves as title worthy opponents earlier in the week, making for a highly anticipated final showdown. Forkner, however, ended the suspense early. He settled into second off the gate while Worth was caught fighting his way through the top 10.


Austin Forkner

Jon Ames

Mark Worth

250 B Stock

Justin Hill and Zach Bell were the ones to watch in the final 250 B Stock moto and they delivered a show. Hill got out front early with Bell in third behind Cole Thompson. Thompson, however, wasn't in the hunt. Hill did what he needed to do and kept Thompson at a distance, but Bell wasn't able to reel him in, and instead dropped a position to Joey Savatgy. Bell would end up second, with Hill taking the title.


Justin Hill

Zach Bell

Cole Thompson

Open A Pro Sport

Chris Plouffe didn't need to do much to wrap up the Open A Pro Sport title. Coming in with 4-1 moto scores, Plouffe was three points ahead of Austin Politelli in second. And lucky for him, his two biggest competitors, Zack Freeberg and Jesse Wentland, both had throwaway motos where they finished outside the top 20. With all that in mind, Plouffe put it on cruise control. He got a top five start and pushed just hard enough to land him a fourth place moto finish, and the title.


Chris Plouffe

Austin Politelli

Joey Peters

Women 14+

Kasie Creason has been the most impressive female rider on the track this week, but she almost lost it all in the final moto. While leading, Creason went down and gave the lead to Jennifer Burton. Lucky for Creason, she was able to keep the bike running and keep in front of Leah Cantrell. Cantrell went on to pressure Creason, but would come up short on making the pass. The title and the MotoSport award for most impressive female goes to, you guessed it, Kasie Creason.


Kasie Creason

Jennifer Burton

Leah Cantrell

85 9-11 Stock

Chase Sexton enjoyed a two-point lead over Sean Cantrell going into the final moto. While that may seem like a lot, at Loretta's no gap is too large. Sexton didn't need to beat Cantrell in order to take the win, but he did have to keep him within one position. When Cantrell got into the lead early Sexton kept his own pace, and while it wasn't enough to mount a charge on Cantrell, it was enough to keep third place moto finisher Challen Tennant in third and enough to win him a coveted Loretta Lynn's title.

250 C Mod

In the novice classes Ryan Surratt nearly made a perfect sweep in the 250 C Mod class. His 1-1-2 was still good enough for the overall, but he put the brakes on in the third moto in order to safely lock up the title. The moto win went to Jared Jackson, who lost out with 24-2-1 motocross.

College B/C

Vann Martin had the odds against him in College B/C. After winning the first moto, Martin struggled in the second moto with a 7th, while Cody Gragg took the win. Gragg went into the final moto with a two point cushion. However, while passing for second, and the title, he crashed, handing the emotional win to Vann Martin.


Vann Martin

Cody Gragg

Sam Landry