Another weekend off? Must be nice.

With Motocross taking a second break giving fans much idle time while riders relax and watch TV or whatever it is they do when not "working" we thought it best to help those of us impacted the most by these off-weekends and find a way to power through the boredom that comes when gates don't drop at the national level. (Nothing better than a 59 word sentence.)

Remember when football was America's favorite pastime then a bunch of multimillionaire athletes decided to protest the American flag - while on the job no less - a symbol and representation of the men and women who fought (leaving some dead or maimed for life) to keep this country free so the very same protesting athletes could play their childhood game in front of millions of adoring fans while making more money in a year than most of us will make in a lifetime? (Wait a sec - Nothing better than an 84 word sentence!) Think back to that bygone era when your favorite team had a bye week.

What did you do? You found something else to occupy your time.

Same rule applies for Motocross but with a far greater disadvantage because you don't even have other races to conveniently watch in the meantime. Simply put, you have to wait but passing the time turns you into a 10 year old the week before Christmas. So, consider these suggestions to get through the weekend and help push along the minute and hour hands until the next round.

1. Digest the Numbers

Pour through the racing numbers for the season and look for trends or where the season went afoul or turned around for this rider or that rider. Look at points gained and time-distance behind the leaders or in front of the field for every Moto.

This research gives you an idea of what a rider needs to do to for a Championship run or better year-end placement and helps with any fantasy leagues or just personal overall expertise when bench racing. You can also pass the time by looking at past results and see just how close a rider came to a Top 5 or question why on earth Ricky Carmichael raced just half the season in 2007 when he easily would have...

2. Ride

Just because the pros spend the weekend lounging doesn't mean you have to. Get out and ride! Go to your local track or nearby trails and do what those lazy factory riders won't do. Riding passes the time better than just about anything, offers great exercise and gets you back to your first love.

3. Watch Previous Races

Despite the hate spawned from the internet some good has come out of the information superhighway. You can relive old races. This year. Last year. Years ago. If someone caught it on film you can probably find it.

4. Clean Your Bike

No more excuses. Tear down that bike! Clean it like a trauma scene waste management practitioner.

5. Watch the MXGPs

Ok, so it's like watching the CFL (which actually if you have ever seen a game offers some brilliant strategies and just as fun action) but you still get a Motocross fix, exciting riders and intense track battles. Unfortunately, they don't ride every weekend either (plus you have to buy access) but instead enjoy an even more relaxed schedule than the American Outdoors so check the far away listings for race dates. You can also watch the Canadian MX Nationals but the one I watched recently was a year old.

6. Clean and Organize Garage

Remember how it took 15 minutes to find the 10 mm T-handle your last time performing maintenance? Clean your workspace and organize everything so for the next oil change or top end you not only have the parts and tools you need but know exactly where you put it. And keep it that way this time.

7. Go Hunting

Ryan Villopoto hunts. I think Eli Tomac does. Not sure. Maybe that's what he's doing this weekend. But I know Villopoto does.

8. Review the MotoSport blog

I readily admit we're not pumping out Pulitzer Prize winning (e.g. the excessively long sentences) articles here (but comparatively we hold our own pretty well), however, with more than 2,500 articles to choose from with a significant portion of those offering tech tips, riding tips, product reviews and more offering instruction and advice to make your riding life better you pretty much have everything needed to make your next ride your best ride. Giggity.

9. Replace the Batteries in Your Watch

If I have to you probably do to. Stop procrastinating and using your cell phone for the time. Get to the store and buy new batteries for your watch.

10. Protest

Protest. Protest something. Anything. It's all the rage these days. Everyone is doing it. Find something that bothers you and take it to the streets! Or at least to the internet. Protest the fact that Motocross has three weekends off during a 12 round season and maybe you'll feel better about yourself, you'll have something to do during the interim and maybe, just maybe things will change. And if that doesn't work, sue. Sue somebody. Anybody. It's all the rage these days. If you don't get your way, sue. Everyone is doing it...