You may have heard about Jerry Robin last year. He busted out an old school 1985 Honda CR250 at the Loretta Lynn's qualifier in Millville, MN and surprised everybody with both the bike and his performance.

Robin was familiar with the bike, a family friend gave it to his dad several years back, but it was never intended to be his personal race bike. However, when the transmission gave out on his 125 at an area qualifier and his family didn't have the funds to fix it, his fallback, if he wanted to race, was this nearly 30 year-old bike.

He moved on from the area qualifier and ultimately decided to race the bike for the Loretta's qualifier. In three Motos for the 250B Mod class, he went 17-1-7 for eighth overall and in the 2-stroke class he went 1-3-7 for second overall.

Once at Loretta's he planned to race the 85 in both the 250B Mod and 2-stroke classes, but the crank went out on the second lap of practice. Representatives with South of the Border, a training facility in South Carolina, brought Robin a 2007 Honda CR250 to ride. He rode that in the 2-stroke class, got the 85 fixed, and rode that in the 250B Mod.

In the 2-stroke class on the 2007 Honda he rode a 1-5-1 for first overall and a National Amateur Championship. On the 1985 bike in the 250B Mod class he rode a 9-18-17 for 11th overall.

Age: 17

Pro plans: Looking at going Pro in May 2015 in the 250 class

What age did you start riding and on what: 6 on a Honda 50

What do you ride now? Honda 250s and 450s

Hometown: Hamel, MN

Career highlights:

  • Loretta Lynn's two stroke title in 2013
  • Bronze Olympiad award at Gatorback MX
  • 7-time Loretta Lynn's participant
  • Junior Supercross winner at Atlanta 2006

Other sports participated in: I hate to say it but I've never played another sport

Other hobbies/interests: Jet Skiing, BMX, Road biking, and I think I might take up golf one of these days to try it out!

1. How did you get started riding a dirt bike?

How I started racing is actually a very long story. My Dad and his brother, my uncle Mark, raced when they were kids, my dad ended up quitting and he never thought he would get his kids into motocross at all. My Uncle Mark kept on racing and in the end of 2005 I believe, my uncle was diagnosed with Esophagus Cancer and he fought it as long as he could but he said that if we wanted to spend time with him we were going to need dirt bikes because he was going to ride as much as possible before he died. So I ended up getting a Honda 50 and that's where it all started!

2. When did you realize going pro was a real possibility?

Going pro still hits me hard. It seems like 11 years ago was almost yesterday that I was just on 50s looking up to A riders and now I am one of them and going pro in a year or so. I mean people always told me I have the talent to do it since I was 6 years old and I've just been progressing towards that goal for so long now and I just hope everything works out!

3. You made news last year after qualifying for Loretta's on a 1985 Honda CR250. What happened?

We have had the 1985 for about six years now and I've honestly always rode that thing! People think we just bought it for a publicity stunt but we've had it for so long and it was my dad's bike. A family friend ended up buying me the 125 that broke at Area Qualifiers two years ago and it ran amazing until Area and then I had to race the 1985 there at Little Falls and then we realized we couldn't fix the 125 in time for regionals so we got the 1985 fixed up good and we went for it and it ended up working out in our favor.

Actually the family friend that bought me that 125 was basically the only reason I raced in 2012! Regionals was a great experience for me, by the time we got home my parents and I had like 80+ voicemails from sponsors wanting to sponsor me and just nonstop texts and calls. It was really weird and actually I had migraines for a while from trying to keep up with it all!

4. Were you confident at the gate that you could compete?

I was confident I could do well on the 1985. I know what I can do on a dirt bike and it's not even about the bike it's all up to the rider to get the job done and that was in my head that I can for sure Top 20 B class on it. I felt that was a realistic goal and I exceeded my expectations and ended up getting 11th OA in one of the most stacked classes at the Ranch last year.

I borrowed a 2007 Honda 250 two stroke and won the title in that class. With racing the 1985 I honestly didn't care where I finished because I just wanted to have a fun week and enjoy the whole experience.

5. Did the experience help you develop a new appreciation for your modern bike?

This experience and opportunity I have right now makes me appreciate what I have, not to many kids get a chance like I have and I just want to make the most of it!

6. Is the 85 Honda still a viable option or have you fixed your regular bike?

I still ride the 85 here and there but I am getting support from Honda with new 4-strokes so I don't really get the opportunity to race the 85 anymore. I'll bust it out one of these days though!

7. You ever think about competing in Vintage bike races like the Vintage Motocross National Championship Series?

I've actually been invited now two years in a row to go race with all the old pros like Jeff Ward and Johnny O'Mara at Farleigh Castle in Europe! I think that's really cool and maybe one day I'll go over to race there!

8. What goals are you currently working towards?

Goals I'm working towards are obviously getting a contract with Honda into the pro ranks. I just want to look at Loretta's like I did last year and just go with it and enjoy the experience on new bikes. No expectations of myself, no pressure and once I make it into the pros I'll come up with some new goals and work towards them.

9. What is your realistic expectation of where you want your racing career in five years?

To be honest I see myself winning a Supercross and Motocross title by then, there is no reason why I can't. I think I have the talent to do that and chase my dreams and being a champion.