Ahh, the most important day in motocross news has arrived, our HOT or NOT list from San Diego Supercross. Read below who made the list and who got ditched.

450 HOT or NOT


Ryan Villopto - HOT - RV was actually close to not making the HOT list. Had the pass from Reed stuck and RV would have placed 2nd, he was destined for NOT stardom. However, it didn't and he didn't. So welcome to the HOT list once again, Mr. Villopoto.

Chad Reed - HOT - When RV got out front we didn't give Reed much of a shot at reeling him in. Shame on us. Reed was a beast through the whoops and nearly won the race. He's not 6 pts down in the championship heading into Dallas.

Ryan Dungey - NOT - A podium is solid, however, it's been a few weeks since we've seen RD mix it up with the front-runners. He's riding consistently, but if he wants a title, he needs to put himself in better position early.

Brett Metcalfe - HOT - It was his best ride of the season and it came at the opportune time for both he and Suzuki.

Josh Hansen - HOT - After a horrible showing at A2, Hanny needed a solid comeback ride. Well, he got it in San Diego with his maiden top five in the SX class. Now let's see if he can do it again in Dallas.

Justin Brayton - HOT - From a near catastrophic practice crash to a 6th place finish in the main event, Justin Brayton was HOT in every sense of the word in San Diego.

Davi Millsaps - NOT - Sorry, but we still feel as if Millsaps is leaving something on the table. He's been solid, but a top five would be nice to see.

Kyle Chisholm - Chiz put in his first top 10 of the season in San Diego and is now only eight points behind Hanny for top 10 in the championship. Yes, that is HOT.

Mike Alessi - NOT - Alessi would have earned a HOT based on the fact that he led his heat race (before the red flag) and put in a good top 10 showing in the main event, but when he failed to yield to the lead pack when the blue flag was waved, well, that pretty much killed his chances.

Nick Wey - HOT - Our boy Nick Wey finally showed up in San Diego after an uncharacteristically slow start to the season. Let's hope he can keep the ball rolling in the right direction in Dallas.

250 HOT or NOT


Dean Wilson - HOT - Back to winning ways on the track, and surprisingly in the championship as well. He now leads by 2 pts with 2 rounds to go.

Cole Seely - HOT - Starting to find a bit of consistency now with two second places in a row. And definitely showing the form that we hoped to see after his A1 victory.

Matt Moss - HOT - The first ever podium for the JDR/J-Star KTM team and Moss's first American podium as well. You could tell this guy was super-pumped.

Gareth Swanepoel - HOT - After missing mains early on in the year, the South African is starting to find his feet, as he climbs up the championship table.

Nico Izzi - HOT - Another 5th place finish, and one that moves him into 5th place in the championship. We are finally seeing the old Nico Izzi on the race track.

Gavin Faith - HOT - His best points total since filling in for Wil Hahn and one that should show other teams he's a worthwhile pickup if they need a rider.

Billy Laninovich - HOT - San Diego was the cherry that is sitting on top of the Billy's SX season cake so far. The harder the whoops, the better Billy does.

Travis Baker - HOT - After his 20th at LA, Travis has gone 6-9-8 and while I'm sure he'd like to be higher, it's still a good run of form.

Vince Friese - HOT - One top 10 can be seen as a fluke, two top 10s, in a row is the sign of consistency as well as speed and that's something Friese has often lacked.

Nick Paluzzi - HOT - It hasn't been a great year for Paluzzi as this was only his second main event, but to place as a top 10 is a good way to try and turn things around.