Sante Mazzarolo founded Alpinestars in 1963 in Asolo, Italy. Alpinestars first made hiking and ski boots but a short two years later the company introduced its first motorcycle boot - it included an innovative steel shin protector and a buckle closure system rather than laces.

A decade later, Alpinestars marketed protective boots featuring toe sliders and enhanced levels of protection for the motorcycle road racing circuit giving the company a loyal following. In the 1990s, Alpinestars rolled out additional protective gear including gloves, jackets and boots.

The Alpinestars Tech-7 boot is a cousin to the Tech-10 boots borrowing several features but with a more budget-friendly price. Modifications to the boot's padding around the ankle and more sole cushion broaden its appeal for various ankle shapes and sizes. A suede reinforced instep increases grip on your motorcycle and offers additional heat resistance. said the construction of the Tech-7 quite different than the Tech-6 describing the latter as having a stiff leather exterior with some plastic panels but the Tech-7 features more plastic on top of a leather base. The design and build of the boot received high marks and it was noted that the Tech-7s did not seem to require any break-in period. The Tech-7s were considered a boot that worked straight out of the box. also commented that the boot required little break-in time and in fact after one ride indicated the break-in period was finished. The Tech-7s provided a comfort and snug fit without stiffness and walking in the boot was not uncomfortable. The Tech-7s were found to have as many high quality features as the Tech-10 but minus the higher price tag.

Depending on your preferences, the Tech-7 incorporates an aluminum four-buckle system, rather than the Tech-10's three. The design is self-aligning for easy closure and appears to address some durability and buckling issues that came with the Tech-10s. The sole uses a steel shank for impact resistance, and other areas like the toe, sides, and shin plate use impact and abrasion resistant polyurethane. On the inside, the Tech-7s incorporate Achilles flex zones for increased comfort, control and support.

Break-in time is also shorter than the Tech-10s and all the while the Tech-7s maintain a fit but flexible feel. Don't let the price fool you, these are some of the highest quality boots money can buy under $400.

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