Yeah, we know - you'd rather be out riding then spending hours in the garage wrenching away at your bike. Whether you love tinkering and replacing parts or you find a day in the shop is time off the track, maintenance is an essential part to owning a dirt bike.

Owning the right dirt bike tools and accessories is just as important as wearing the right gear. Think of it this way - if your dirt bike tool bag is filled with every accessory needed for general maintenance the sooner you'll be back riding on two wheels. Our tool kit recommendations - what you need in your tool box in the garage at home or in the pits at the track - are below. Everything you need; nothing you don't.

But you'll first need a dirt bike tool bag or tool box. Once you stock up you're going to need a convenient and easy to use bag to store and carry all of those tools. So check out our selections of tool bags and then fill 'er up!

What do we cover in this guide?

There's a lot to it, so let's get started.

Spoke Wrenches

A spoke wrench adjusts the tension of the spokes on your bike. The ideal spoke wrench has different sizes because of course you have more than two bikes! But if not, you'll be a hero on the track if you can pull out your tool and help out another rider.

Some high-quality spoke wrenches you'd find in our tool bag include:


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T-Handle Wrenches

A T-handle is a convenient and easy to use socket system. The "T" gives you solid grip in a compact size that is great for the garage and ideal to bring on track day. Since dirt bikes use a variety of fasteners look for a T-handle that features multiple socket sizes.


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Tire Irons

One of the most common misfortunes on the track is a blown tire. A small hole can be plugged but a large blow-out requires new tread. Unless you have fingers of steel, a tire iron is an essential part of your dirt bike kit.


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Tire Gauges

Every pound counts and that includes pounds per square inch. Proper tire inflation can prevent a blow-out, grab dirt better and be the difference between finishing first and being the first to lose.


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Plug Wrenches

Changing spark plugs can be easy or nearly impossible. A plug wrench is a required tool and they are easy to use, compact and, best of all, really inexpensive. Grab a plug wrench and change those spark plugs out like a pro!


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Stem Nut/Axle Nut Wrench

The serious dirt biker carries several sets of ready-to-go tires and wheels. The right wrench enables you to quickly change out the front and rear tires so you can get back on the track or trails with little wasted time. Once those replacement tires are ready, you'll need a Stem Nut wrench to adjust any change to your handlebars.


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Chain Tools

Riding hard inflicts some serious wear and tear on your chain. Conversely, a brand new chain is likely not going to fit right out of the box. You're going to need a chain tool to press, break and rivet 520, 525 and 530 chains.


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Torque Wrenches

Every facet of your dirt bike needs to be finely tuned. A bolt, nut or other fastener can actually be too tight. The proper specification allows for a uniform tension and loading of all parts. A torque wrench prevents under-tightening as well as over-tightening the bolts and screws that keep your ride together.


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Tire Inflation

Adjusting the tire pressure on your dirt bike can be the difference in a rough or comfortable ride, a blown tire after a hard hit, and winning or losing. You may only need a single pump of air or 15 pumps but it can make all the difference in the life of your tires and how you finish. Besides, tires don't come fully charged. Once you use that tire iron to replace an old tire how are you going to get the new one ride ready?


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A Winning Ride

Now that your dirt bike tool kit is filled with the essentials you can handle the majority of major repairs and maintenance accustomed with dirt bikes. Your tool kit should be at your side when working in the garage and the first to go in the truck come ride day.

If you have additional questions please gives us a call on our toll free line 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert.

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