Few sports require the level of body protection that motocross demands. A helmet, boots, gloves, chest protector - that's just half the gear needed to ride safe. Theoretically, you can ride a dirt bike without any protection, assuming it's a casual stroll on a level track, and survive to ride another day.

However, forget this one accessory and you may never see straight again - Motocross Goggles.

Dirt bike goggles are the window to the finish line, if you will. Without goggles, sticks, branches, rocks, bugs, roost and even sweat can all wreck a pleasant day at the track and maim you for life.

Not all dirt bike goggles are created equal. Technological improvements make today's goggles a high tech weapon in your pursuit of the #1 plate. Lenses constructed with materials called Plutonite and Lexan, equipped with such features like tear-offs and roll-offs, and added UVA protection, give you durability and peace of mind to see through the muck and fly past your opponent.

Therefore, of the dozen or so goggle manufacturers and all the available features and prices ranging from under $20 to nearly $400 - which of the more than 140 motocross goggles available at MotoSport.com are right for you?

Dirt bike helmets generally accommodate all goggles so ultimately it comes down to comfort and what feels good strapped to your face. All goggles bring some type of sweat-absorbing or moisture wicking padding face foam to keep the sting from your eyes and mold comfortably around your face. Therefore, depending on your level of expertise and how much you race the following are features to consider:

Goggle Tear-offs Vs. Roll-offs

Tear-offs and roll-offs probably represent the most innovative and popular feature in the world of dirt bike goggles. If you race a lot or spend a considerable amount of time wiping off your goggles so you can see, the tear-off or roll-off system is a must have.

So, what's the deal and what's the difference?

Essentially, both mechanisms install several layers of clear film across your goggles which you can tear or roll off if mud and dirt cloud your vision. The tear-off film works through the use of an extended tab you can easily grab while riding and "tear-off." This method is the most common however you may find it too easy to pull off the entire stack of tear-offs at once.

The roll-off system prevents the problem of tearing off the entire stack of clear film and uses a pull chord to roll off the old layer of film replacing it with a new layer. The roll-off system also captures the old film rather than it being thrown away on the track or trail like the tear-offs.

In either case, once the dirty layer of film is removed, your vision is clear. You can do this several times throughout a race which is vitally important in muddy conditions especially if you don't win the holeshot.

The tear-off and roll-off system keeps you from using your already wet and muddy glove as windshield wipers to your goggles which, by doing so, simply smears debris around the lenses.

Basic Tear-off/Roll-off Goggles

Intermediate Tear-off/Roll-off Goggles

Advanced Tear-off/Roll-off Goggles

Oakley MX O Frame Goggles

100% Racecraft Goggles

Leatt Rolloff Goggles

  • 2-pin attachment system for tearoffs
  • Extra wide strap distributes pressure evenly
  • Triple layer face foam
  • LEXAN scratch resistance lens
  • Clear, anti-fog Lexan lens
  • Triple-layer moisture managing foam
  • Removable nose guard
  • Includes 20 standard tear-offs
  • WideVision Roll-Off system
  • Self-draining lens
  • OTG - Over the glasses fit
  • Removable nose guard
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Motocross Goggle Lens

That window on your dirt bike goggles is not simply a thick layer of tempered glass. Today's dirt bike goggles feature an almost overwhelming number of options like tint-color, injection-molded substances only scientists understand and the all important UV protection - but it doesn't stop with UVA - many include protection against UVB, UVC and blue light.

Think of goggles as wearing an over-sized pair of sunglasses. The last thing you want is a blinding shot by the sun with seconds before impact after a gnarly whip off a triple.

Basic Goggle Lens

Intermediate Goggle Lens

Advanced Goggle Lens

Fly Zone Goggles

EKS S-Series Goggles

Fox Racing Air Space 2 Goggles

  • High-grade polycarbonate clear lens
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog
  • Excellent horizontal and peripheral vision
  • Multi-layer face foam
  • Adjustable, double buckle woven strap
  • Vented lens with tear off posts
  • 17mm thick, 4-layer face-foam backed with a moisture wicking fleece lining
  • 100-PPI reticulated vent foam
  • Six-pin lens retention system
  • 100% UV protection Lexan lens
  • Scratch resistance and impact protection
  • Increased peripheral viewing
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Motocross Goggles for Kids

Adult goggles work with adult helmets therefore if your child is wearing a youth sized helmet you'll want to invest in motocross goggles for kids.

Goggle manufacturers don't skimp on youth goggles either. Many motocross goggles for kids feature a number of the great additions that make adult goggles so special and protective.

The big benefit to youth goggles is the price and if your young one wants to join motocross racing or dirt bike riding as a hobby, finding a quality pair of youth motocross goggles need not break the bank.

Basic Goggles for Kids

Intermediate Goggles for Kids

Advanced Goggles for Kids

FMF Youth Goggles

Thor Youth Goggles

Fox Racing Youth Goggles

  • Anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens
  • Silicone coated strap
  • All youth FMF goggles share the same lens and tear-offs
  • Lexan lens
  • Aperture-vent system
  • Single-layered molded face foam
  • Spare lenses and tear-off packs available
  • Increased peripheral viewing
  • Lexan lens offers 100% UV protection
  • Strap-mounted tear-off post included
  • Eight-pin lens retention system
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The High-End Motocross Goggle

The serious racer or die-hard rider that spends every weekend on the trails who is looking to take the goggle experience to the next level can find much joy with a pair of high-end goggles. The features are one of a kind and the protection is the best money can buy.

High-End Motocross Goggle

Higher-End Motocross Goggle

KTM Prospects Goggles

Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles With Race-Ready Roll-Off System

  • Three-layer, fleece-foam lining
  • 100% protection from UVA, UVB and UVC
  • NoFog technology
  • Large lenses
  • Injection-molded Plutonite lens
  • 100% protection against UVA, UVB, UVC, and blue light
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 and EN 1938:2010 impact standards
  • Integrated tear-off posts
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Motocross Goggles Review

The best dirt bike goggles really come down to you and what feels best on your face and any desired features. Inexpensive goggles typically provide enough comfort and protection, like a high-quality lens and absorbing face foam, that you can save some dollars if your budget requires it. However, more aggressive riders, especially those who race and enjoy competing, might find a feature-laden goggle better fits their needs.

Additionally, where you ride can also influence a purchase. If most of your riding is in the desert rather than a muddy track or trail, goggles with a tear-off system are probably unnecessary. Similarly, a high-end goggle for the weekend rider who enjoys wooded-trails might not necessarily be the best choice when moderately priced models offer the fit and finish needed for a long-day on two-wheels.

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