No one doubts the need for a high-quality helmet complete with today's modern safety features when riding dirt bikes or ATVs, but don't discount a pair of Motocross boots.

And by discount we also mean sure go ahead and buy a $10 pair of boots if you have $10 legs. Riding track or trails wearing flimsy sneakers doesn't cut it neither does wearing cut rate boots. Plenty of options exist for the hardcore rider and the novice looking to save a few bucks while also protecting their feet and legs. So, save your lower extremities to ride another day by buckling on a pair of high-quality dirt bike boots.

Much like today's dirt bike helmets, all the riding boots MotoSport sells have a firm reputation. Often the difference in price is less about the protective features and more about the overall rideability and comfort. Depending on your druthers, the cheaper (read that less expensive) the boot the more rigid and straight forward, requiring some adaption on your part. A high-end boot you can probably run laps in.

Easy there. It's hyperbole.

That brings us to Fox Racing Motion Boots. A mid-range priced Motocross boot with all the high-end safety qualifiers inside a relaxed chassis that comforts and cushions. New to the Fox Racing family, Motion boots feature a slimmer profile making it easier to shift while offering enhanced grip and feel on the frame, a patented hinge lockout preventing hyperextension and a patented buckle closure system providing a secure lock and excellent fit. Among plenty of other features.

Those details, of course, provided by Fox Racing and what the iconic company has to say about their new Motion boots. So, we put them to the test in a gear-on throttle-rolled experience. Perennial product reviewer and MotoSport employee Ryan Forbes slipped on the Fox Motion boots for a lengthy trail ride and found, overall, an excellent riding boot with some minor weaknesses easily overcome by the other strengths and spending additional time on the bike.

Cons of Fox Racing Motion Boots

Forbes said he experienced slight heel lift or floating when riding and a bit of discomfort thanks to a somewhat cramped toe box. The boots fit true to size but going larger to alleviate the smaller toe box would result in more heel float.

Pros of Fox Racing Motion Boots

During his ride, Forbes experienced great control and feel of his 2016 Kawasaki KX250F along with excellent foot to peg contact, a likely payoff from the Fox exclusive Duratac rubber compound used on the sole for durability and grip. The brief break-in period of the boots, which consists of 60 percent synthetic leather, attests to the instant step-in comfort promoted by Fox.

When opened, the four-buckle system feels flimsy and Forbes initially questioned the boots' soundness and overall ability to protect his legs. But after putting his feet inside and fastening the ball and socket system, the Fox Motion boots felt secure and dependable. Lastly and quite importantly, Forbes said the ankle area hugs well providing an overall general feeling of protection to the lower extremities without inhibiting his ability to work the foot pedals.

Fox Motion boots come in six colors in a range of sizes from 5 to 14. Read all the details on the Fox Motion Boots page or browse all Fox Racing boots.