Dirt bike riders looking for that extra edge whether to smoke along trails or grab the holeshot on their way to the checkers quite often look down at empty pockets and make-do with their current setup.

Figuring in the initial cost of the bike, maintenance, track fees, etc. little is left to add power and stamina to a tiring motorcycle or one with spent parts. But we're here to tell you there's a different way and for a few hundred bucks you can add some significant upgrades that help bring a dirt bike up to date and provide an uncompromising edge to your riding that just might be the envy of your friends on the trails and foes on the track.

The best upgrades to a dirt bike don't necessarily mean a brand new exhaust system, the most expensive wheels and tires, a brutally costly suspension or a high-end clutch. Instead focus on Controls - because what you pay for in one major upgrade you can enhance two fistfuls worth of parts and accessories.


Just try grasping uncomfortable brake and clutch levers over and over for a 30 minute Moto and see how it feels an hour later. When working your clutch and brake system you want a smooth as butter feel and equipment that stands up to the rigors of racing and the eventual crash. The Torc1 Racing Vengeance Flex Levers hits you for just $100 and provides the popular break-away design along with two blades!

Pedal and Shifters

Like the levers, upgrading your brake and shift pedals not only adds style to your bike but durability that outlasts the competition while providing weight savings. Again, Torc1 Racing makes a solid upgrade for a reasonable price at around $150 in their Reaction Shift Lever & Motion Brake Pedal Combo.


Perhaps the most inexpensive but valuable upgrade is new grips. Torn grips are worthless but replacing them with inferior grips is just as bad. The ODI Motocross Pro Compound Half-Waffle Grips cost $10 and give the ultimate in comfort for the gnarliest of tracks.


Bent handlebars should be replaced immediately and so should a stock bar that doesn't feel right. As we stated in a previous post, changing the handlebars often boosts the confidence in young children starting out, so if you're uncomfortable or having a hard time holding on, grab a set of Turner Performance Products Bars - Oversized 1-1/8 for $55 and take your skills to a new level.


You've heard it many times before, go slower to go faster. The brake system on your dirt bike is just as important as the throttle. Once you've figured out the nuances to braking - when to brake, how to brake - lap times plummet and you'll leave the field in your roost. There's a reason why the Driven Oversize Floating Front Brake Rotor got its turn as Product of the Week and that's because of its durability, ease of installation and overall performance and stopping power for just $130.


You can break the bank on tires, go cheap and head to the pits early or simply grab the Artrax Tire Combo and equip your dirt bike with one of the best possible upgrades for $120 or less. Artrax rivals the expensive name brands in performance but even the most high-end tire isn't worth much if it's lined with an inferior inner tube which is why we put together this combo.


Okay, okay, it was mentioned earlier how expensive a new exhaust system costs but there's a way around that price tag and foregoing the $1000-plus full system replacement job by grabbing a slip-on or more specifically the FMF Powercore Slip-On Exhaust for less than $350. FMF exhaust is an industry standard and the Powercore Slip-on gives some of the best power gains on the market for the price. A second option is Bill's Pipes SA-4 Series Slip-On Exhaust.

Custom Backgrounds

If you're racing Moto on the weekends, you need numbers on your bike. Ordering custom backgrounds sounds expensive but at MotoSport we make them in-house to pass the savings on to you. Get a full set for just $40.

All told, for less than $1000 you can tackle a number of important upgrades on your dirt bike that affects riding comfort, performance and technique.