Before heading off to the track or trails it's likely you create a check list of what to bring so you're not left empty-handed miles from home or the nearest parts store.

If you don't - it's a really good idea and a habit worth starting. Likely though, if you've been at dirt biking for a while you probably learned early on how to ensure everything needed to start riding and stay riding is in the trailer.

Outside the obvious like fuel, riding gear and of course your dirt bike, we've come up with a list of the motocross accessories we think you should have because these rank high on our list.

1. Maxima SC1

Maxima SC1 is probably in the garage of most dirt bike riders so if it's not in yours, get some. No, not because everyone has it - because everyone has it for a reason. This stuff rules. Fifty-three five star ratings on our website can't be wrong. Truly a new bike in a can. Oh and it smells really good.

Maxima SC1

Maxima SC1

Price: $8.99


  • Easy to use application
  • Restores the factory shine
  • Works as a polish, undercoat protector, and light lubricant
  • Repels water

2. Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Kit

One bolt, one washer, or just one nut can make the difference between a good ride, a bad ride or even no ride. The Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Kit equals true preparedness. More than 180 pieces of steel hardware including bolts, nuts, washers and screws that fit all late model Japanese dirt bikes make up this kit.

Hardware Kit

Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Kit

Price: $44.99


  • Over 180 pieces of factory style steel hardware
  • Designed for all late model Japanese motocross and off-road motorcycles
  • Includes a full set of sprocket bolts and chain adjuster bolts and nuts
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specs

3. GoPro HERO3 Plus Silver Edition

OK, this one might be on the list because everyone's doing it. But once you do it, you'll never stop. The GoPro HERO3 is a great way to record your day at the track and show off to your friends later or if you're serious about the sport, provides great film to study and improve your riding. We won't bother with all the specs because they are too numerous but we chose the Silver Edition because it's a bit lighter on the pocket book than the Black Edition.


GoPro HERO3 Plus Silver Edition

Price: $299.99


  • 15 percent smaller and lighter than previous models
  • 2x more powerful
  • Wearable, gear-mountable and waterproof to 131' / 40 meters
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, enhanced low-light performance and 30 percent longer battery life

4. Twin Air Air Filter

Quite simply, one of the best air filters money can buy.

Air Filter

Twin Air Air Filter

Price: $15.99 - $46.99


  • Designed to increase airflow
  • Ensures the highest level of protection from dirt/dust
  • Coarse open-pore foam catches airborne dirt, grime and sand
  • Fine open-pore inner foam acts as a second filter

5. Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace

Did you read our article on knee injuries? No knee brace on the market is 100 percent effective in preventing an ACL tear or other debilitating knee injury but why ride without protection? The Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace is the best on the market to help prevent minor injury like a sprain and reduce catastrophic injury. It's a bit pricey but so is surgery.

Knee Brace

Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace

Price: $699.00


  • Tracks the natural "rolling-gliding" motion of the knee joint
  • Built in Anti-Rotation connection
  • Links the brace to the boot, making them as one
  • Boa closure system provides smooth even closure and no pressure points

6. Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles

These goggles definitely fall into the nice to have category as many other inexpensive models do the job well. However, the Oakley Airbrake MX goggles come jam-packed with features that give riders the ultimate in protection. We love the 100 percent protection against UVA, UVB and UVC and optimized peripheral vision.

MX Goggles

Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles

Price: $160.00 - $175.00


  • Injection-molded Plutonite lens
  • Flow-Coat Anti-Fog coating
  • Meets impact requirements based on ANSI Z87.1 and EN 1938:2010 standards
  • Integrated tear-off posts

7. Motion Pro 7-Piece T-Handle Socket Set

Contained in a vinyl pouch you can throw in you tool box, this 7-piece handle set might just save your afternoon. Without this, that Bolt Hardware kit won't do you much good unless you have hands of steel.

Socket Set

Motion Pro 7-Piece T-Handle Socket Set

Price: $40.99


  • Includes: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17 and 19 mm T-handles
  • Durable nickel-pewter finish
  • Chrome vanadium tool steel deep well 6-point sockets
  • Metric full length T-handle sockets

8. MotoSport Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand

An absolute must when working on your dirt bike, this stand supports up to 350 pounds yet weighs just under 4.5 pounds.

Dirt Bike Stand

MotoSport Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand

Price: $54.99


  • Constructed out of durable and lightweight 6061 T-6 brushed aluminum
  • Injection-molded rubber top
  • Supports up to 350 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17.45"H x 15.75"W x 15"D

9. Tie downs

Just how do you think you're going to get your dirt bike to the track? You can try and outrun the cops but we don't recommend it. Since dirt bikes are not street legal you'll need to transport your ride to wherever you're headed. Whether it's on a trailer or the back of a pick-up you need to tie them down so they arrive in one piece. If you're new to riding this is one of the first things you'll want to buy.

Tie Downs

MotoSport Powertye Tiedowns - Latch

Price: $22.99


  • Built with a large hook (soft hook system) at one end and a latched hook at the other end
  • Length: 62" (without soft hook system) / 80" (with soft hook system)
  • Accommodates handlebars up to 1-3/8" diameter
  • Sold in pairs

10. Gas Can

Motocross tracks and dirt bike trails don't have self-serve gas stations. If you don't take your own fuel you'll be watching from the sidelines pretty quick. Having a convenient large gallon fuel can keeps you riding all afternoon.

Gas Can

KTM PowerParts Utility Jug

Price: $54.04


  • For use on the racetrack
  • Replacement parts available
  • Adjustable screw-on vent

This list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, we could easily add 40 more dirt bike accessories needed for a successful day on the track or trail. But, all riders have their own "must-have" list which probably includes some of the above. Plus, this is a good place to start if you're new to Motocross. We're always interested in seeing what other riders put on their "must-have" list for the track. Let us know!