If you're looking for proven braking power without emptying your wallet it's time to replace that OEM or higher priced aftermarket brake rotor with the Driven Oversize Floating Front Brake Rotor.

Driven uses high-carbon steel construction and the oversize floating front brake rotor is 270 mm in diameter for maximum clearance and unrivaled stopping power. Additionally, the 3 mm thickness provides excellent durability. Driven includes a billet caliper bracket so you can bolt directly onto your bike without any additional parts needed. Installation is easy and no need to throw away the stock brake pads - just pop those on and you're good to go.

Want even more? The sharp-edged blade styling of the Driven Oversize Floating Front Brake Rotor is a favorite for many riders looking to add more character to their ride but it also helps with cooling thus reduces warping and adds longevity to the life of the rotor. Check out all the specs for the Driven Oversize Floating Front Brake Rotor and see all Driven braking products.