Author: Brent Stallo

Texas is known for producing some of the most accomplished motocross talent in the country, and while our first highlighted athlete for our Up and Coming feature is actually an Oregon native, his quest to become the next big thing in motocross has led him to the Lone Star state to live and train. At 15-years-old, Matt Bisceglia is one of the fastest rising stars in amateur motocross. He's won countless titles across the country and is one of the most feared competitors on the gate. However, injury has bitten Bisceglia over the last year and he's now faced with trying to overcome adversity and make it to the most prestigious amateur race in the world, Loretta Lynn's. Read on as Matt takes us through his 2011 season and gives us his goals for this year's Loretta Lynn Championships.

You've spent much of the 2010-2011 season with injury. Most recently you broke your leg at the Spring Nationals in March, but you've somehow managed to come back to race the final Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier last weekend in Arkansas and are now gearing up for the Regional at Freestone. Take us through your season thus far...

Yeah, I ended up hurting myself in March at Freestone. I ended up breaking my leg in the first moto of the morning. The first race of the whole thing. I ended up breaking my leg pretty bad and I've been off the bike for about two and a half months now. I ended up being able to get up and hit the last Area Qualifier for Loretta Lynn's in Arkansas but it ended up getting rained out and we had to draw spoons to see who made it to the Regional. Luckily I ended up making it in both classes. It was definitely not your average qualifier, but hey, I'll take what I can get I guess. Now I'm just starting to ride again and get ready for the Regional.

So you'll be racing the South Central Regional at Freestone?

Yeah, if all goes according to plan and I'm healthy then I'll be on the gate at Freestone.

What's the latest prognosis on the injury?

The injury is healing up good, you know. I mean it's still sore obviously because my knee wasn't moved for a long time but the bone has healed good and the doctor went ahead and gave us the go ahead. The doctor is really happy with how it's healed up and how the joint is looking so it's good, I guess.

You're usually a guy that goes into a national looking for wins. With limited time to prepare for your Regional and for Loretta's, will your goals be different this year? Right now my goal is just to make it to Loretta's, you know. But once I hopefully accomplish that I'll set my goals a little bit higher and start training this summer.

If all goes according to plan, do you think you'll have time to be on your "A" game before Loretta's?

I hope so. It will be about the same amount of time I had to prepare last year. I wasn't 100% ready then but I had some speed. I'm really hoping that if everything goes right and I stay healthy that I can really get up there and win some motos and be in the hunt for a championship.

Thanks, Matt. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you at Loretta's.

Sure thing. Thanks a lot.