Author: David Bulmer

With the Lucas Oil AMA Motocross series on break over the weekend we looked towards our international crew to get an update on what turned out to be one of the most memorable FIM World Championship races of the season. In a series that has seen multiple winners in both he MX1 and MX2 classes, and one of the closest points battles in the last decade, Germany turned out to be one of the best so far.

In the MX1 class it's been no surprise to see 2010 World Champion Antonio Cairoli and Belgian great Clemant Desalle battle for the points lead, but with excellent rides from Steven Frossard and Eygeny Bobryshev so far in 2011, the series is shaping up to be one of the best in history.

Coming into the Grand Prix of Germany Frossard (326) was riding high after sweeping the GP of Sweden of few weeks prior. However, series leader Tony Cairoli (366) and Clemant Desalle (348) were also in prime form. Each of the three had taken moto wins, each of the three are in heavy contention for the title belt and at least one of the three were expected to shine in Germany. Add to that the fact that Max Nagl, currently fifth in points, was entering into his home race with a ton of crown momentum behind him.

Despite all this, it was Eygeny Bobryshev "Russian Bob" who would take the overall in Germany. Not only did Bobryshev seal his maiden GP overall with perfect 1-1 moto scores on Sunday, he earned the first GP win for Russia in over thirty years. Russia hasn't seen a GP victory since the great Vladimir Kavinov took the win in the GP of Russia over three decades ago. So, how'd he do it?

Well, in moto 1 Bobryshev went uncontested. He got out front early and lead Tony Cairoli throughout, finishing four second ahead of a the charging KTM rider. The second moto wasn't quite as easy for the Russian. He took to the lead early but struggled a bit fending off pressure from Cairoli. A mistake my Cairoli left him on the ground but he was able to remount and catch Bobryshev for a second time. With only a few corners to go AC222 went for the pass but was shut out by Bobryshev, sealing a perfect 1-1 day for the Russian.

Following the race Bobryshev reported to

"I am lost for words, I don't know what to say or how to feel right now. It felt so good out there, I went into this zone where everything just came together and the laps where just counting down. I would like to thank the whole team and everyone at Honda for their efforts and support, it has been amazing. This is the best moment in my career for sure!"

The top five now sit as follows in the championship chase:

1. Antonio Cairoli - 366

2. Clement Desalle - 348

3. Steven Frossard - 326

4. Eygeny Bobryshev - 294

5. Max Nagl - 282


In the MX2 class it was the German sensation Ken Roczen who would shine in front of his home crowd. Roczen dominated the first race as the German faithful cheered him on but struggled slightly in the second moto before grabbing the overall.

After a spill in Portugal earlier in the season many doubted if Roczen would return in the same form. Well, since the crash he's taken five out of six motos and all three overalls, thus regaining the points lead for the championship. Roczen's second moto saw him make a mistake in the opening lap of the race. He was buried in the pack and rode hard to work his way into third for the moto.

Roczen's 1-3 moto scores were just enough to edge out his top competitor Jeffery Herlings 2-4 scores. While Herlings and Roczen were fighting their way through the second moto, France's Gutier Paulid did and an incredible job of taking the lead. Paulin sits nine points behind Tommy Searle in the overall points standing and was in desperate need of a good moto. And while he was unable to take the overall due to a fourth in the first moto, he was able to gain one valuable point on Searle on the weekend.

Heading into the GP of Latvia this weekend the top five in the championship hunt is as follows:

1. Ken Roczen - 396

2. Jeffery Herlings - 377

3. Tommy Searle - 328

4. Gutiar Paulin - 319

5. Zach Osborne - 265