Racing is not for everybody.

Yep, that's pretty much it. That's why you should trail ride rather than spend your day racing dirt bikes. Oops, I did it again. The title says "10 Reasons..."

Believe it or not, most riders trail ride. Some of them race too but there's others who find the great outdoors and the journey through it far more inviting then a spin around the local Motocross track.

Either way, you're in for an adventure and you better be up for it. Trail riding requires just as much dexterity and physical fitness as racing does. You can also expect to crash from time to time but hosting a yard sale is unlikely unless you're just straight up out of control.

So where do you fall?

You can probably take that question literally. Like any decision, sticking with the track over trails is entirely up to you but if you're new to riding or simply wanting to focus your time and efforts on one or the other then we've come up with 10 reasons you should leave the track for the glory hounds and get back to nature.

1. Treadmills Drive You Nuts

There's lots to do while trail riding

If you can't fathom running on a treadmill and wonder why hamsters don't go mad on those immobile wheels that just spin, then stick with trails. A Motocross track goes 'round and 'round. You start at Point A and end at Point A. What's that definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over...

2. Into The Great Wide Open

The world is your oyster. Or something like that. But on a dirt bike, you can ride for miles and miles and miles. Just be sure to carry an extra gas can or circle back to camp before getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

3. You Quote Top Gun

You're always telling your friends "I feel the need...the need for speed." Can you open the throttle on the track? Yeah, for maybe three seconds, then you've got some stupid turn or those big speed bumps. Trail riders can be the Mavericks of the earth, open it wide and leave it open. Just don't get caught in somebody's canopy.

4. You're Frugal, Damn It! Not Cheap

Let's face it, racing is a rich man's game. Or if you're a kid it's how to manipulate your parents into mortgaging their future for your present tense game. Trail riding costs you virtually nothing. You might need a permit for some areas but that's a far cry from track fees and everything else that goes with racing.

5. Emergency Rooms Scare You

Ride as slow or as fast as you want. No mad dash to the finish line or hospital here

Not exactly a news flash but riding dirt bikes isn't the safest of activities. If you want safe, go play soccer. However, the chances of an emergency room visit increase 100-fold when you hurl yourself into the air from a tall jump at 35 mph. A cruise through the trails need not break any bones. Ride at your own pace, skill level and never worry about getting run off the track.

6. You Like Having Riding Buddies

The best of friends, even those who cut themselves and share their blood in a handshake swearing to remain friends through thick and thin, eventually become enemies on the track. There are no friendships on the podium. The trails bring true riding pals who last a lifetime.

7. You Avoid Watching Horror Films

The classic horror movie always has a scene where the murderer stalks their prey. You hate this. In fact, somebody chasing you up a flight of stairs drops you in a fetal position heap. If this is you avoid racing, and stay on the trails. Just be sure to get off when night falls cause, well, we all know how that movie ends.

8. Ferris Bueller's Day Off is Your Favorite Movie

Trail riding let's you take in all that scenery

Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Words to live by which you take to heart even when dirt bike riding. The trails help incorporate the love of riding with the love of nature. You can stop, breathe in the air and take in the scenery. Getting lost is part of the fun and the point of the journey is not to arrive.

9. Work is Stressful Enough

The rat race is stressful, so is a dirt bike race. If you're like everybody else who is working for the weekend, then it's time to take it down a notch and enjoy life. You don't show up at a Motocross race 15 minutes prior to gate drop, race and go home. This is an all-day affair that requires preciseness from the moment you pack up the truck to when the checkered flag drops. If you have enough of that during the week, take it to the trails.

10. Racing is Not for Everybody

Thought I forgot again, didn't you? The bottom line is racing is not for everyone. Some people burn a competitive fire their whole lives, others don't understand all the fuss. If banging bars, block passing and the whole track rivalry thing turns you off, then don't race.

Some people scratch the itch to race, others ignore it and eventually it goes away. Racing requires a lot of waiting, standing around and ends in 20 minutes. Conversely, trail riding lasts for as long as you've got fuel. And for a lucky few in some parts of the country, their backyard awaits.

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