Colt Nichols, who rides for the Racing team, revealed yesterday he fully tore the ACL in one of his knees. He's out for the season.

Nichols had come on strong in recent weeks in the 250SX East class finishing eighth in Indianapolis and sixth in Detroit after which he placed 11th in the point standings. He seemed to regress a bit in St. Louis posting a 16th place finish but as it turned out he injured his knee in practice prior to the night show. He qualified for the Main in the Heat race. Nichols started the year with an impressive 11th place but didn't qualify for the Main at Atlanta 1. He followed up that miss with a 17th place and then 15th at Daytona.

"He's an impressive young man and we're sorry to see his rookie season come to an end especially with just one round remaining," said Jarrod Rogers, Director of Marketing for MotoSport. "I hope that he has a speedy full recovery and we look forward to seeing him continue where he left off and feeding from the success of his 2015 Supercross season. "

Nichols ends his season in 12th place and will probably fall a few spots considering a couple of active riders are just a few points behind him. His teammate Kyle Peters is in eighth and battled for a Top 5 to end the season.

Nichols posted the following to his Instagram account:

"Well looks like I will be side lined for a while after today. I crashed in the second timed practice in St. Louis and ended up with a fully torn ACL. At the time I didn't think anything was wrong It was just a little painful and uncomfortable so I raced that night and did my best. Noticed some swelling the next day so I decided to get it checked out and now we are here. Can't help but be a little bummed cause I just want to go racing but these things happen. Going to get this fixed up and come back stronger than ever. Thank you to everybody that supported me throughout my rookie Supercross season. I can get knocked down but I will always pick myself back up with help from my family, friends, and everybody who supports me."