Affordable, durable and a whole lot of style - a most apt description for Turner Performance Products Billet Aluminum Foot Pegs.

Turner manufactures their foot pegs with some of the strongest aluminum available but the replaceable cleats really distinguish their pegs from many other brands. Not only do you get better grip than stock, when the cleats wear down, you just replace them not the entire peg - a far less expensive endeavor for the budget conscious dirt bike rider.

Additionally, many riders enjoy the larger platform size compared to other popular pegs which gives a better foothold. No more slipping off, especially around corners! Turner Billet Aluminum Foot Pegs install easily and fit a wide range of dirt bikes. Most options include your choice of black, silver or OEM color. Check out additional specifications for Turner Foot Pegs and when you need them buy the 20 pack of foot peg screws separately which includes the tool needed to remove the old ones and tighten the new ones.