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Most Recent Textile Jackets Reviews

RS Taichi Ingram Mesh Jacket - RSJ302

RS Taichi Ingram Mesh Jacket - RSJ302

Joe P - Arizona Weird sizing "I really wanted to keep this jacket, quality of materials and fit and finish was great. Unfortunately, the sizing is very odd. I used the size chart when ordering, I normally wear a size 44 USA, 54 European and Large. I've never had a problem when wearing those sizes. I'm 5'11 and weigh 185 lbs. This jacket fit fine around the shoulders, chest and waist, but the arms were very tight. The length of the arms were ok. I'm in pretty good shape, but by no means a body builder. Again, this was just a sizing issue and has nothing to do with the quality of the jacket It's a shame, they have some really cool looking stuff. I bought an Alpinestars T-GP Pro Air, size large and have had no issues. Hope this helps"
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SPIDI Women's Venture H2OUT Jacket

SPIDI Women's Venture H2OUT Jacket

roadsideok - Blanchard, OK Nice Jacket - Runs Very Small "I had the opportunity to purchase this jacket used and I went ahead and grabbed it (so in the interest of transparency - I did not buy it here on Motosport). I am typically an upper end medium trending into large, so I decided to go to a large size for a more comfortable fit. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that this jacket runs AT LEAST 1 size too small. Maybe even two sizes too small. So I'm a little wrecked thinking that I need a XL or XXL in Spidi. lol. I guess that's euro manufacturing for you. On the build quality side of things, I think the jacket is generally nice. My biggest complaint (other than the sizing) is that the liners are not really securely fastened into the jacket. They kind of just float in there - attached by just a few snaps. I can only imagine the fun of trying to get out of this small-running jacket after building up a little sweat. The middle layer (the H2Out layer) is very plastic-y. So without the warm inner layer, it's kind of odd feeling. I don't think I'd want to wear it with just a t-shirt on or else it would feel like wearing a latex coat. I didn't try it without any liners - I figured what's the point since it doesn't fit. My last comment would be a general gripe with the fact that women's jackets always seem to lack the armor that is in men's jackets. The back protector is an add-on. I guess women have tougher spines. The jacket looks great and has a decent number of vents, pockets and adjustment straps."
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