The thrill of victory.

Yep, that's pretty much it. That's why you should race dirt bikes rather than spend a day on the trails. Oh, wait. The title says "10 Reasons..." I better come up with a few more.

Not everyone who owns and rides a dirt bike heads to the local track every weekend for a bar-banging battle through the whoops. But for those who do, there's not any place in the world they'd rather be. The competitive spirit of those who race Moto is hard to match and, it could be argued, unmatched by any other sport.

That's a debate for another article.

Racing on a 2-stroke or 4-stroke motorcycle that sends you 20 to 30 feet in the air is a feat only the fearless can master. It's not easy to do and to be successful, the great ones start young. Riding dirt bikes on a Motocross track is your own personal roller coaster and it doesn't come without sacrifice.

But is racing for you?

That's a decision only you can make but to help, we've come up with 10 reasons you should bid adieu to the trails (at least temporarily) and test your skills at the local track.

1. Are You Racing Your Friends on the Trails?

When you're out having fun trail riding do you often try passing your friends. Do you have to lead the pack and once someone else takes the front spot you quickly get back in the lead? You're thirsty, my friend. Take it to the track!

2. Here Comes the Rooster

Eat my roost!

Do you tend to spray roost everywhere and delight in doing so? If the racing bug is alive and well, you spend a lot of time looking back at how much roost you spray and take particular joy in spraying friends even at the risk of them terminating their friendship with you.

3. You Entered and "Won" a Poker Run

Poker Runs are fun. That's it. An organized fun run that doesn't even use a checkered flag. You in fact did not win even if you finished first. That's why there was no podium that day. If this is you, it's time to enter a real race.

4. Your Favorite Number is on the Graphics

You know a racing number is completely unnecessary for trail riding right? If you've sent away for Motocross graphics complete with a racing number then you've got the itch to have your name and number entered in a Motocross race.

5. They Call You the Smoking Man

Where are those guys?

You don't smoke cigarettes but you do smoke all your friends when you're on the trail. So much that you take joy in the great distance you've managed to put between you and the rest of your riding crew totally forgetting that they're not racing. In fact, sometimes you're so far ahead you've got to double back to find them and you're proud of the speed displayed on the trail. The track is calling.

6. You're Itching for that 15 Minutes of Fame

At this point you're probably not going to ever be Ryan Dungey but stardom at the local level can be just as inspiring as being a pro at the national level. Who doesn't want to be the local privateer riding hero? Even just entering a Main gets your name and that racing number called out over the intercom. When you do finally step on the podium it's a drug you'll chase for the rest of your years.

7. You Turn the Trail Into a Motocross Track

Relax! It's not a race.

Trail riding should be a fun stroll with friends even if you're blazing between trees or along the riding path. But if you're always taking it to the next level by block passing, banging bars with your riding companions and fist-pumping when they hit the dirt rather than stopping to ensure they're OK, then it's time to start racing Moto.

8. You Compete Everywhere Else

So maybe you don't do any of the above and you're a true gentleman on the trail. But back at home, you're constantly competing with those around you whether it's racing up a flight of stairs, the first to finish a meal or finding the quickest way home and getting angry when you're late, even by a minute. Blaming others for your perceived misfortune. Take that pent up energy to the track!

9. The Chicks, Man

It's what drives a musician to be a rock star and the athlete to their favorite sport. Girls love a confident, popular and muscular dude on their arm. Win just once and have your choice of Monster Girl. OK, good luck with that but the truth is, if you're the um, overly confident type, and if you're spraying roost on your friends and laughing when you push them off the trail it's time to get your comeuppance at the local track.

10. The Thrill of Victory

Thought I forgot, didn't you. The thrill of victory is in all of us but for most we live vicariously through our favorite stars of our favorite sport. Ah, but not you, that's not good enough. You want that thrill and trail riding isn't going to cut it. Therefore, you need to enter a race and experience if for yourself.

By now in your riding career, you've probably already been urged by friends and/or former friends, who refuse to ride with you, to skip the trail days and release the competitive spirit on the track, or at least on someone else. But if not and you relate to any of these reasons, it's time to take your talents to South Beach, I mean the Motocross track.

And, trail riders, you'll get your turn next week!