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Q: Can you tell me how to lower dirt bike seat height?

A: Get out your razor! Well, actually a knife that cuts through foam really well. The only way to lower the seat height on a dirt bike is by shaving the seat down. You can lower the seat by two, even three inches by cutting off foam.

Keep in mind, shaving the seat down gives you a pretty uncomfortable ride because you have less foam to cushion your behind. You will feel the plastic seat base especially when you bottom out. Use a file to smooth out any uneven edges or other divots. Install the seat cover normally by stretching it around the seat, stapling it and cutting off the excess.

Some manufacturers sell a lower seat like the Low Seat from Husqvarna but you only get 15 mm lower (about half-inch) so if you need inches you'll have to stick with the shaving method until someone comes along with a much lower seat. The GYTR Short Seat drops you about three-quarters of an inch. However, both seats only fit select models in their own brand.

How To Raise Dirt Bike Seat Height

Conversely, if you need to heighten the seat, buy an aftermarket seat like the KTM High Seat which gets you about three-quarters inch and the KTM Extra High Seat raises you about an inch and a third. Again, they only fit select KTM models. But, the Factory Effex Tall Seat Foam boosts you by about two inches and fits a number of brands and models.

A few other manufacturers make low and high seats. Check out all dirt bike seats.