Supercross tough guy Weston Peick is taking his talents to the octagon.

Peick announced last week his desire to fight in the UFC and his dream came to fruition today with a contract signing. In yet another unprecedented move, MotoSport plans to sponsor Peick in a first for the company to get involved with something other than dirt bikes and motorcycles.

"I can't wait to crack some heads," Peick said.

Peick's interest in fighting began last year and really took off at the beginning of the 2014 Supercross season. He placed out of the Top 10 in the first three of four races to start the season and it turns out he almost quit the circuit to begin fighting right away. Then he nailed fifth place in back-to-back races and he reconsidered his thinking.

He opted to finish the Supercross season and reevaluate a potential career in professional fighting. Then a crash in practice the week before Daytona kept him from racing Round 10 but solidified, in his mind, just how tough this man really is.

"Did you see the crash? No, I don't think so. Brett Cue would've quit riding had he endured what I did. For me to come back a week later (Round 11) and get seventh-place just cemented how tough I really am," a clearly agitated Peick said in front of three people at a press conference held this morning.

At the press conference announcing his decision, Peick displayed photos of his scarred back from that pre-Daytona crash. He said if he can live through that pain he can take whatever the best UFC fighter can dish out. He also showed a video of the crash in Phoenix earlier this year that resulted in him coughing up blood and going to the hospital. Check out the video:

He used a laser pointer and a slow-mo of the crash to show where his body hit the ground and cross-referenced that to the most brutal hits delivered in UFC.

"Just call me Punishment," Peick said of his newly adopted UFC nickname. "I can take punishment and I can certainly give it right back."

Peick's plans for Motocross is now up in the air as he tries to figure out if he can fight and race at the same time this summer.

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