Author: Brent Stallo

Rockstar Energy Suzuki hosts the most prominent team in all of amateur motocross. Over the years they have played host to some of the most successful athletes in the sport today and 2011 has proven no different. Landon Currier of Washington is the team's lone pro rider and we were fortunate to catch up with him at Mammoth Mountain as he prepared for a fun week of racing. Read on as Landon gives his take on Mammoth as well as fills us in on his plans for Loretta's.

Landon, give us a little introduction to start this thing off.

Landon Currier here from Washington State. We're out here at Mammoth Mountain for the Amateur National just doing what we do.

This is your last year racing as an amateur at Mammoth. How is everything going?

Pretty much the track is good but the atmosphere is killer. I could live here. I get jealous every time I leave. The people are sick. The town is sick. The atmosphere is sick. It's all good.

Mammoth is a different kind of race from other amateur nationals.

Yeah Mammoth, especially in the pro class there are a lot of different people here. A lot of riders that you usually don't race and a few that I've never raced before so it's good. I don't know, it's kind of fun because there's no pressure. If you crash or if you win it's still all good because you're having fun.

The next step after this is Loretta's. What classes will you be running and what have you done to prepare?

As far as Loretta's goes for 2011 I'll be riding both A classes, 250 and 450. Right now my plan is to go to Texas and to get Ed Torrance and get training. I've been training but I've been in Washington where it's like 60 degrees and cloudy so you barely break a sweat. So I'll be heading to Texas soon to get started and pick up where we left off so we can get things done. The plan is to be ready when we line up for Loretta's.

The goal is obviously to win Loretta's. How is you confidence going in?

I've had a tough year getting things together but I'm feeling stronger and stronger every day. If I can go out and ride like I know how to ride and race the track I'm confident I'll reach my goals.