Not all plastic is made alike. Cycra assured that when developing their Powerflow line of Dirt Bike Plastic. Indeed, the stuff is as good as advertised and what else would you expect from a product made in the USA?

Cycra uses an injection-molded plastic for superior strength and then incorporated airflow technology to help maximize horsepower and direct air towards the radiator. The end result provides a more durable product than regular OEM and a cooler running engine but it also shaved off some weight which explains why so many pros equip Cycra on their bikes. The company brings innovation and style to the table (make that to your dirt bike!) with cool designs for both function and looks that stray away from the bland replica plastics by their competition.

Check out what Cycra is doing with the JGR Yamaha team:

The Cycra Powerflow line of plastic comes in a complete kit or you can buy the individual pieces, as needed. The company also manufactures the OEM line for KTM and Honda. Check out MotoSport's entire line of Cycra Powerflow Plastic here.