We can't say for sure the riding gear to end all riding gear has arrived, but based on rider reviews the new Alpinestars 2020 Techstar gear gets awfully close.

Previously only available in Europe, Alpinestars finally released - what many consider their high-end riding gear - in the United States to nothing less than an overwhelming response. Fans of Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson and Justin Barcia may have wondered why they can't get their hands on the very gear those three riders wear week-in and week-out during Supercross and Motocross.

Well, now you can.

OK, so what? How is the 2020 Techstar line (Venom, Graphite) any different than Alpinestars previous contributions to the world of dirt bike riding? We had the same thought! So, we asked Steve Schoen, Lead Buyer for Apparel, who has 33 years of experience as a rider, won many small town races and used to drum for a rock band in a previous life, to try it out at Washougal MX Park and provide some feedback.

"You'd think it's restrictive but it's not at all," he said, describing it like wearing a body suit that has freedom of movement with a snug feel-good fit.

Techstar gear has multiple stitching patterns

He highlighted the multiple stretch paneling and 4-way stretch fabric incorporated into the pants and jersey. He had no movement restrictions and unlike past gear he's worn, he felt free to ride without the need to constantly adjust the pants and jersey so as not to interfere with his overall comfort on the bike.

Like much of today's riding gear, the 2020 Techstar felt super lightweight and provided proper ventilation but what stood out for Schoen was how freely the gear moved with his body as he rode.

"This fits so perfect but it only works because of the way it was cut," he said.

Techstar boasts a "V" Pattern seam in jersey

Indeed, he pointed out the various cuts and seams purposely designed into the Techstar gear to easily contour with a rider's body and any protective gear like a chest protector. For example, one cut in the pants starts from the hip and stretches down the leg wrapping on the inside of the knee. The jersey features an almost V-shaped cut design instead of the standard vertical design similar to a casual t-shirt. Schoen described the jersey as "wearable air-conditioning" and suggested Alpinestars probably received input from riders like Tomac and Anderson on fit, form and comfort.

After just one ride, Schoen said it's easy to see why some of the top racers in the world wear this gear. Additionally, the 2020 Techstar features an oversized knee cup/knee brace area which Alpinestars refers to as a "Babel" knee design allowing for a larger compartment that highlights fit, comfort and durability.

The Techstar gear features an oversized knee area

"I finally found a set of gear to add 'durability' to the description and mean it," Schoen said. "This is a true premium set of riding gear."

Schoen pointed out past gear sets have developed holes in the ankle section of the pants after just one ride because of chaffing from the boots and knee braces but the pants barely look worn. The knee brace area comes with reinforced and padded 3D knee construction and leather panels on the inner leg provide heat resistance, grip and comfort.

The ankle area of the Techstar pants show little wear after one ride

In terms of sizing, Alpinestars have adjusted the fit to coincide with measurements in the United States. The gear was passed around to various MotoSport employee riders for fitment who all indicated whatever size they typically wore matched with the 2020 Techstar gear.

"The Alpinestars 2020 Techstar is different from anything else I've worn," Schoen said. "It's the best gear I have ever stepped in to."

Now just wait until next year when Alpinestars releases their premium gear considered a step-above the Techstar line. MotoSport will keep you posted.

So, you want to try out the new Alpinestars Techstar riding gear for yourself? Click on the link: Alpinestars Techstar Riding Gear.