We all have passions and those passions do a lot to define who we are as people. It's safe to say that whatever passion you're into, it's pretty hard to keep it under wraps. In fact, if you're into something, really into something, you likely have no problem letting your friends, family even the world know. Favorite band, movie, TV show even your favorite food. It's what makes you, you.

Motocross is hardly an exception. Fans have no problem showing their patronage. Every year, Motocross and Supercross fans come in droves to the racing events and most arrive decked out in all the gear.

But are you doing enough to show your love for the sport?

True fans of Motocross don't keep it to themselves. Ever. Many methods to showing just how great you think Motocross is exist. If any of the following resonate with you know this - You're a Motocross fan, to the core.

1. You're glued to your computer on race day because TV coverage sucks!

Until the rest of America figures out Motocross rules, we're all too often confined to the small screen on our desks.

2. You have a personalized license plate and/or license plate frame.

Now that we've pointed it out, it's a good bet you'll not only start looking for them but see them everywhere. Keep an eye out for "I'd Rather Be Off-Roading" or the truly one of a kind per state MOTO X.

The Holy Grail of personalized license plates for a Moto fan

3. Your dog, cat or any pet is named after something Motocross.

We know you do this because we already wrote about it. It's safe to say that if you ride dirt bikes and at least one of your pets is NOT named after something Moto like a pro rider or a part on the bike than you might want to re-think the sport. If you don't have a four-legged friend, get one, and then check out our Top Motocross Dog Names for help on what to call him or her. (Works for cats too!)

4. You named your kid after an MX Legend.

It's pretty hard to name your son Broc and say it's not after the legendary Broc Glover. Bob, you could get away with saying it's after an Uncle, but why would you not want to name your kid after the Hurricane? It's probably a good bet a number of Jeremy's and Ricky's will hit the amateur ranks in a few years and then look out for Ryan. Or maybe just Young Poto. Still waiting for some Pierre's though.

That's not Broc Glover, it's Broc Tickle

5. The Fall Classic is not baseball but the Monster Cup.

What makes for better TV - a guy constantly adjusting himself and shuffling around atop one pathetically small whoop (oh wait, they call them mounds in baseball) taking five minutes to throw a dang ball or more than 30 guys on dirt bikes opening the throttle racing at least 70 miles per hour at the start, converging and then tackling some of the craziest jumps, turns and a heck of a lot more than one whoop.

Why settle for this...

When you can have this.

6. You plan road trips around the Supercross/Motocross schedule.

Road Trip! A1 to Phoenix then back to A2. Hop, skip and jump up to Oakland and back for A3. Finally San Diego before you decide if it's worth the drive to Texas. East Coast dates, West Coast Dates or Mid-west dates, this goes on all over the country. The adventurous drive; those with a bit more cash grab a flight.

7. You dread the end of summer not because school starts but Motocross is over.

Parent or child, the end of summer usually means two things - the start of school and the end of Motocross. This is a double whammy for youngsters. For Mom and Dad at least the kid is out of the house! Look at it this way - instead of watching TV (or the computer as noted above) you can be out on the track riding. But only when homework is done!

8. Your email sign-off is Braaap.

No "Love," "Always," "Yours," "Regards," or even "Thanks,". Definitely not the stop emailing me "Take Care," or the awful "Best," (Best what?). You sign off with "Braaap,".

9. You are rarely, if ever, seen NOT wearing Motocross related clothing.

Moto fans wear Moto gear when riding and when they're not riding. Even just a pair of Fly sunglasses works. But you'll usually throw on either a shirt of your favorite rider or promoting one of the classic brands. You might wear FMF shorts and if you're really over the top you have an Alpinestars wallet and a Thor backpack.

See the guy in the purple hat? Think he's a fan of James Stewart?

10. You ride.

This is how it all started, right? You may not ride every weekend, maybe even just once a month but the dirt bike is what hooked you. Realizing Motocross and Supercross were actual bona fide professional sports just made it all the more better.

So how do you let people know you're into Motocross? Let us know below.