I need something to stand on!

Plenty of choices exist when deciding on a set of dirt bike foot pegs including several options ranging from little more than a modest stick you balance your toes on to more of a base that allows you to firmly plant the sole of your boot. Dirt bike foot pegs also come with varying degrees of "teeth" or cleats - that which grips into your boot preventing your feet from sliding off. Some foot peg cleats look modeled after the jaws of a Great White shark while others use a more lower profile grip. Replaceable cleats have also become a favorite saving you money, instead of investing in a new pair of pegs once worn down.

Rider preference and style of riding all factor into the preferred peg.

Turner foot pegs, an exclusive MotoSport product, tap into the best of both worlds with a design that includes replaceable cleats spread out on a moderate sized CNC-machined platform (3-1/4" X 2-1/4") from forged 6061 T6 aluminum. That's basically fun speak for a strong and sturdy aluminum foot peg that withstands the rigors of dirt bike riding on the track and trails all the while keeping your foot firmly rooted.

Turner foot pegs fit most major brand model dirt bikes and both looks and weight factor were kept in mind during the design phase. Ideal for the Motocross track and trail riding, you will find these pegs fall in the middle when it comes to pricing. The replaceable cleats offer an extra buying incentive as replacements cost less than $20 for the pair.

Never mind the pitch how do Turner foot pegs really ride?

MotoSport employee Ryan Forbes rides the pegs on his 2016 Kawasaki KX250F and offered this gear-on throttle-rolled experience of gripping with his feet on the track and trails.

As we have heard from others, Forbes confirmed the super easy installation thanks to Turner foot pegs using stock mounting hardware. Bottom line, you don't need to buy extra parts to put these on your dirt bike. Ready to install out of the box, as they say.

Forbes said he experiences great traction but without the bite or grab that prevents you from quickly adjusting or moving your feet on the fly to adjust your body position. Secure foot grip, indeed, can make or break a ride but too much of a good thing also does likewise.

Pros of the Turner Foot Pegs

  • Replaceable/removable cleats make it easy to get your grip back after wear or you can remove some teeth for desired peg traction feel.
  • Very durable. I've been on them for two years and they have seen some impact with very little to no damage to peg shape or finish.
  • Good all-around peg for track and trail.

Cons of the Turner Foot Pegs

  • Kind of a tight frame design so mud build up can become an issue in some of the worst conditions.

"There's not much else I can touch on that takes away from this peg," Forbes concluded.

His remarks match those with other reviews you can read as the pegs have a more than 90 percent favorable rating. Turner now offers a 7075 aluminum alloy peg with the same dimensions as the 6061 version but for now, only available for Husqvarna and KTM models. These, too, have replaceable cleats along with self-cleaning grooves to prevent mud-packing which should address the issue Forbes encountered with the 6061 version.

Check out the Turner foot pegs page for additional details. Choose by bike brand or color to get OEM match.