Dirt bike riders have access to lots of protection that protect their bodies from injury in the event of a crash.

Most wear the standard protective set-up which includes helmet, boots, goggles and gloves. In fact, without those four assets most track owners probably won't let you ride. And if you spend time on the trails without those pieces you really ride with the angels.

Bottom line, when riding, you need a certain standard of protection. Some riders, though, go a step beyond the basics and armor themselves with supplemental protection whether for personal preference and comfort or by necessity because of a past injury. Additional dirt bike protection includes:

Advantages of an MX Wrist Brace

Motocross racers almost uniformly wear chest and back protection and you'll find many who wear knee braces. The neck brace, meanwhile, still has its fans and detractors. On the other hand, the Motocross wrist brace probably ranks near the bottom in regards to popularity of use but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider wearing one especially if you have nagging wrist issues.

Prevents Hyperextension

An MX wrist brace works much like a knee brace in that it prevents hyperextension of the wrist plus it adds stability to an already weakened wrist whether from a sprain or break. When falling, you naturally put your hands and arms out for support and a wrist brace prevents your hands from stretching too far back causing overstretched or torn ligaments possibly resulting in a temporary loss of wrist function.

Upon first look, a dirt bike wrist brace with a composite shell and thick straps looks somewhat bulky and even constricting in terms of allowing free arm and hand movement of the controls. Because the wrist brace prevents hyperextension you will have limited movement with your hands but not enough to keep your from rolling the throttle and engaging the levers.

Wearing a wrist brace requires some getting used to which explains why most riders only wear one out of necessity from injury. If wearing a wrist brace means you can ride then most riders opt to ride with the added guard.

Impact Protection

An MX wrist brace also provides impact protection in the event of a fall and helps protect the bones and soft tissue in your wrist. This can benefit woods riders who have close calls with trees or for anyone riding on uneven terrain peppered with boulders and other hazards that might make contact with your wrist in the event of a fall.

If you require some type of wrist support but would rather not wear the more bulky style dirt bike wrist brace, a wrist stabilizer that fits more like a traditional soft brace or glove for your wrist offers added protection while allowing free range of movement. You can adjust the straps however loose or tight you want the support system to hug your wrist.

Riders dealing with an aggravated wrist injury, but who otherwise can ride, get the most out of a wrist brace even if just for the mental aspect that comes with the added protection. If you have strained or sprained wrist ligaments or even compromised wrist function from past injury a Motocross wrist brace might help keep you on two wheels and prevent further damage either from the repetitive mechanics of riding or from a fall.