Wrench Rabbit is now Vertex

If a complete dirt bike engine rebuild sounds a bit hair-raising then relax a little with Wrench Rabbit. Now wait a second! If you didn't know Wrench Rabbit changed its name to Vertex. So if you came here looking for the Wrench Rabbit Rebuild Kit don't hop away!

Wrench Rabbit and Vertex are one in the same.

The Vertex Complete Rebuild Kit has everything needed to get you riding in one box. Buying parts piecemeal or getting just the primary components in another rebuild kit to save money usually results in forgetting about or reusing the transmission bearings, water pump rebuild components and a timing chain, for example. Make it easy on yourself and ensure you've got everything at your fingertips rather than try and figure out what's missing.

Additionally, like with a lot of other dirt bike parts that work together, replace everything. Don't pop in a brand new part to work with other parts that already have wear, even if they still function. Don't cut yourself short - it'll cost you later.

The Vertex Complete Rebuild Kit includes:

  • Vertex piston kit
  • Hot Rods heavy-duty crank
  • Hot Rods main bearing/seal kit
  • Hot Rods transmission bearing kit
  • Hot Rods counter balancer bearing kit
  • Hot Rods water pump bearing and seal kit
  • Vertex complete gasket kit
  • Hot Cams cam chain

Check out the rest of the specs and additional details of the Vertex Complete Rebuild kit.