No rain in the forecast whatsoever which means a 99.9 percent chance the postponed Round 4 of the 2018 Pac West Motocross series drops gates on Sunday at Washougal MX Park in Washougal, WA.

A late spring storm canceled the regularly scheduled round a few weeks ago but with nothing but sun expected for this weekend, organizers expect the highest turnout yet for the newly formed series. Nearly 200 riders raced for Round 3 at Airway MX just outside Spokane, WA in May so with a National level track in Washougal (located just outside Portland, OR) offering amateurs a chance to race where the pros battle, riders and fans can expect packed gates all day.

Additionally, Round 4 coincides with the regularly scheduled Classic 7 series organized by Washougal MX Park which holds Round 4 of that competition on Sunday. Therefore, race in one you automatically race in the other. Put another way, you win your racing class of the Pac West series you also win your racing class in the Classic 7 series. This also means new competition as established riders in the Classic 7 get a chance to grab a Pac West round.

"We are excited to have a large turnout of Pac West riders and Washougal riders to cross-promote each series," said Brian Nilsen, co-founder of the racing series with former pro Ryan Villopoto. "Come down to the premiere track in the Northwest and let's go racing!"

A schedule change for Pac West riders accustomed to taking part in the Saturday practice: Round 3 of Classic 7 also takes place on Saturday therefore the usual Saturday practice day for the Pac West series will not take place. However, Pac West riders can join Round 3 of the Classic 7 series instead, for their practice round, if they so choose, as the normally scheduled practice day costs the same as the $35 entry fee for the race.

Doors open for racing at 8 a.m. Sunday at Washougal MX Park, 0205 NE Borin Road in Washougal, WA. (Same time for optional racing on Saturday, too) Race fee costs $35 plus a one-time $35 membership fee (if not paid at previous rounds) and a $15 entry fee charged by the track. Riders must race in a minimum of six rounds to qualify for year-end awards. Check out for more information on this weekend's race or for information on the seven round series.

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